Luxury bunker design

Luxury bunkers for subterranean living

Hi-tech underground bunkers offer security and comfort for you and your family

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Whether you’re looking for a subterranean living space to escape the daily grind, or an underground bunker that acts as a safe haven in an unpredictable world, hi-tech bunkers are no longer exclusive to world leaders. Here’s the lowdown on commissioning a luxury underground bunker for your home.


If you’re building a house, it makes sense to plan your luxury underground bunker, shelter or complex at the outset, but it is possible to retrofit – much like building a basement extension.

Space permitting, it is possible to have your very own bunker in your back garden, or anywhere you have the option to build one. Deluxe Construction UK specialises in the design and construction of luxury underground bunkers, so you can feel calm and confident in your underground safe space.

Bunker Model 1

Bunker models

While you can view examples of the bunker model options, each build will be based on your terrain, wants, and needs.

Bunker Model 1 is ideal for families with two bedrooms, a large living space with a kitchenette equipped with a cooking island, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher. Everything you may need in the event of laying low for some time. It also has a technical room, a storeroom for your prized possessions, plus a fitness room and sauna, for your health and wellbeing.

Bunker Model 2 is a similar set-up but can work well for families and close friends, with more square footage and an en suite private bathroom for one of the two bedrooms. It also has a fully equipped kitchenette in the large living room, again with all appliances and utensils you may need during your stay.

Bunker Model 2

A subterranean complex

For larger families and friend groups or communities, you can build an entire Complex. This two-storey bunker, designed to cover the living needs of more people together, can provide shelter for several families. With space to socialise, there is a cinema hall, spa area, gym, large living room with bar and adjoining kitchen, which could be allocated to a separate room. Each bedroom has its own bathroom.

Basic furniture comes with your bunker, or you can choose to upgrade or request a bespoke layout.  If you have your own ideas let the team know so they can check that they meet all the requirements for safe survival, as well as creating a home from home.

Bunker Model 3

Built-in protection

Deluxe Construction UK’s structures are built using reinforced concrete. The thickness and quality are tailored to withstand earthquakes and absorb radioactive radiation. Each luxury underground bunker is also equipped with life support systems located in the technical room for your peace of mind, including air purifying systems, a water treatment system, and an off-grid power supply.

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