George Clarke: Is a garage conversion a good investment?

George Clarke on how a garden conversion can be a good investment for your home.

By Jefferson Smith | 12 January 2017

George Clarke, architect and presenter of Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces and The Restoration Man, explains why a garage conversion can be a good investment.

George Clarke Is a garage conversion a good investment

The humble domestic garage is at a turning point. Why? Because usable floor areas in the home have increased so much in value that thousands of families are looking to turn the space into a more habitable room. This isn’t a bad choice to make, especially as it has become common for a garage to be used for nearly anything but storing a car. Often, when I open the garage door in someone’s home, I find storage boxes, an extra fridge or freezer, tools and piles of stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day in years. What a waste of space. All of this (especially the gardening equipment) can be relocated to a small shed. Obviously, if it is difficult to park in your area or your insurance stipulates that your car must be garaged overnight then you’d be mad to convert it but, from what I’ve seen, most homes with adjoining garages are in areas where the family motor often sits on the drive.