Explore this farm building conversion given a joyful interior re-design

These converted outbuildings are every child's dream house - including a slide and climbing wall.

By Hugh Metcalf | 14 August 2020

In re-imagining the design of this Grade II-listed farmstead and converting a series of outbuildings, the architects added a sense of playfulness to everyday living.

cottage with a contemporary glass tunnel - conversion - grand designs

Image: The original cottage has been joined to the converted outbuildings with a modern, glazed tunnel. Photo: Jim Stephenson

It’s hard to imagine a house that would be more beloved by the children that live in it than Stanyards Cottage. The ’sticks and stones’ Grade II-listed cottage may seem inconspicuous at first glance, but in its renovation of this family home, architects Alter & Company have created an imaginative interior landscape.

An undeniably happy space, a playful nature is at the core of this design down to the addition of novelty elements which while maybe not for the faint of heart, ensure that this family can take real enjoyment of their home.

A new connection

interior of glazed tunnel connection between houses - grand designs

Image: The tunnel signifies a change between the more traditioal and more modern spaces. Photo: Jim Stephenson

One of the key elements of the homeowners’ brief was to link up the cottage with a series of farm outbuildings. Alter’s intervention is an angular glass volume that bridges the space between the main house and the outbuildings. “The reflective and transparent tunnel purposely standout as a new piece of connective architecture,” the architects explain. “By its very nature, it implies a type of time travel – from a rural, historical past, to a new modern playful present and future.”