Build your home extension with confidence

Build and extend with confidence

A full-service architectural practice will take up your vision and turn it into reality

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Building a home is a complex process and home extension and alteration projects can be just as mind-boggling. By working with a full-service architect, all the worries will be taken care of as you’ll have expert advice and assistance at every stage from the initial sketches to the sign-off, when your pristine new-build will become a cherished home. Tye Architects  can provide this and also alleviate the stress of any bureaucracy on your self-build journey.

A new-build home

Self-building is all about capturing a dream. There are certainly a number of hurdles to jump before that dream becomes reality, especially if your plot is in a rural area, where new homes must adhere to Paragraph 80 legislation. With decades of experience, Tye Architects is well placed to produce an outstanding house that meets all the criteria, thanks to long-standing relationships with local authorities, rural planners and construction companies.

Photo: David Valinsky

Photo: David Valinsky

Alterations and extensions

Perhaps you love your home and neighbourhood, and just need to make better use of your space. Tye Architects specialises in extending existing houses and can advise on homes in conservation areas. Whether you need space to work from home, to accommodate a growing family or create a multi-media room, Tye will design a unique home extension space that reflects the way you and your family like to live.

Listed buildings

If you’re lucky enough to own a Listed building, you’ll know all about the importance of preserving its history. But that doesn’t mean home extensions and alterations are forbidden. Nor do you have to keep to the original style. Extending a Listed building is not as straightforward as some other projects. It’s a legal requirement that Listed Building Consent (LBC) is sought for any alterations or extensions, and you’ll need planning permission, too.

Tye Architects will come up with a design that’s sympathetic to the original building’s character yet is entirely suited to modern living in both appearance and function. And they’ll smooth the way, getting all the relevant permissions to guarantee a successful result.

Photo: Nerida Howard

Photo: Nerida Howar

Stress relief

What with sub-contractors, specialists and planning regulations, there’s a lot to take on when you build. By employing a full-service architecture practice, your project will be taken care of from start to finish, and you simply get to enjoy the results.

The right architect

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a personal recommendation, are researching local registered practices via RIBA or are just gleaning ideas from web searches, you’ll want an architect with a strong track record. Tye Architects has decades of experience and a portfolio of award-winning projects from all around the world.

What’s more, the team will listen carefully to your requirements at the earliest stages before supplying any drawings. They will keep you posted with regular updates, so you can be sure the end result will be just what you envisioned.

Photo: David Valinsky

For further information

Find out more about the benefits of using a full-service architect at Tye Architects. Here you can fill in the online contact form and send your new-build or home extension project information for a free consultation.