Lego house by Camille Walala

Inside LEGO’s colourful pop-up house in London

This unique experience is a collaboration between LEGO and artist Camille Walala

By Hugh Metcalf |

This colourful pop-up house created by LEGO is the perfect way to inspire a new generation of architecture lovers.

Many a love affair with architecture has its roots in childhood days spent playing and creating with LEGO, however, this pop-up project from the iconic building block brand takes the idea to a whole new level.

Working with multidisciplinary designer Camille Walala, renowned for her inventive use of colour and graphic patterns, LEGO has created a temporary house at Coal Drops Yard in London’s Kings Cross, to showcase its new play concept LEGO DOTS.

lego x camille walala house of dots colourful building exterior

Photo: Lego

Spread across 8 shipping containers and consisting of 5 distinct rooms, everything in the House of Dots, from the walls and floors to the rugs, frames and furniture, has been created to be able to be customised with LEGO DOTS.

While it’s a free public art installation with interactive elements, such as the opportunity for children to design their own jewellery using the new system, it’s only open until 2nd February 2020, and free tickets have already sold out on the pop-up’s Eventbrite page.

But, whether you have a ticket or you just fancy popping along to see the exterior of the project, take a look at the unique interiors that this collaboration has inspired below.

Artist colourful kitchen - granddesigns

Photo: Lego


The interiors may be of a typical style for Camille Walala, but the bright primary colours and block shapes also designed to inspire the imagination of children visiting. Did we mention that you can also exit the space on an 8 foot slide?

Photo: Lego

Photo: Lego

Dining room

Dotty wallpaper in the dining room is inspired by the new play range, which can be used to adorn and decorate LEGO pieces with 2D elements.

dining room with camille walala - granddesigns

Photo: Lego

Children’s room

Camille’s design aesthetic is a clear match for LEGO’s playful style.

lego camille walala house of dots kids room

Photo: Lego


It may usually be the kids’ least favourite room in the house, especially come bathtime, but Camille’s creation features a huge sunken ball pit in place of a traditional tub.

 striped black and white bathroom designed by camille walala - grand designs

Photo: Lego