Smart ovens from Smeg offer performance and style

Smart appliances for cooking success

Choose the latest designs for performance, energy efficiency and style

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Anyone setting out on a self-build or renovation project will know that the planning and design phase is crucial, and the same applies to fitting out a kitchen. It certainly makes sense to spend time choosing the appliances that are right for your needs. Performance, energy, ease of use matter and design all matter, and the latest crop of smart ovens from Smeg have all this in spades.

A new generation of smart ovens

If you’re replacing your oven, take a look at Galileo, Smeg’s new platform for innovative ovens developed following extensive research, planning and testing. Thanks to a complete redesign, the Galileo generation of ovens aim to revolutionise cooking at the home, bringing professional results and restaurant quality.

Select an OmniChef oven such as the Smeg SOP6604TPNR Dolce Stil Novo pyrolytic single oven for smart cooking programmes that balance function, temperature and time for perfect results. It will even store the settings for your favourite recipe. Alternatively, consider a Steam Generation oven, which combines conventional cooking with steam to lock in moisture for delicious results.

Smart ovens in a linear layout in a contemporary kitchen in a city apartment

Photo: Smeg

Faster cooking

To speed up cooking time, consider an oven that combines conventional cooking with microwaves, perfect for roasting a chicken. The Smeg SpeedwaveXL Galileo Combi Microwave SO6302M2X saves up to 40% on cooking times without losing any quality. SpeedwaveXL ovens also include inverter technology, a method of cooking with microwaves in a more gradual and consistent way. Stirrer technology evenly distributes microwaves so a turntable is no longer necessary.

smart ovens in a vertical stack layout in a large kitchen with open shelving and wooden-clad kitchen island

Photo: Smeg

The looks for your lifestyle

Naturally, you’ll expect your new smart oven to cook to perfection, but looks are important too. Whatever your style, from classic to contemporary, Smeg offers an aesthetic to suit your interior decor scheme.

black integrated oven hob in a white, minimalist kitchen

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Designed to suit

Every kitchen is different, in shape, size and style. When selecting a smart oven and other appliances, consider a configuration that would make your life easier. You could follow the trend for a linear layout, installing built-in appliances in a row. Smeg’s co-ordinated range allows alignment of an oven, compact appliances, warming drawer, even a coffee machine. Or arrange a bank of appliances in a cube layout, putting everything you need within easy reach.

Where space is limited, a tall housing lets you stack appliances vertically. Depending on your utilities and services, an oven and hob can slot neatly into a kitchen island. The 90cm Area Induction Hob SIA1963DS has energy saving functions, allowing you to moderate its power right down to 44°C, to gently melt ingredients.

Smeg's new Galileo range offers the latest cooking technology

Photo: Smeg

Chef-approved smart ovens

Michelin-star chef Theo Randall has been using Smeg appliances for 20 years. ‘They are a joy to use when cooking for all the family, and have been rigorously put to the test when trialling all the recipes for my books,’ he says. He has been putting the new ranges to the test and likes the results.

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