9 design ideas for better kitchen storage

These modern storage ideas will help you make the best use of the space in your kitchen?

By Hugh Metcalf | 18 August 2020

Not all kitchen storage is created equal. Work with your kitchen designer to create a bespoke set-up that works best for your space and your needs.

ledbury studio drawer storage

Image: Ledbury Studio 

One of the greatest joys of a new kitchen is the unpacking of your boxes into your new space, especially when you’ve worked hard to ensure that everything has its place in your new kitchen.

Storage is one of those elements that’s best left to the professionals to come up with the best design for your space, working to your brief of what you want to store. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go into your design meeting armed with ideas, and these nine storage solutions can all help to add more storage, and a better quality of storage at that.

Drawers within drawers

kitchen drawers with extra storage - home improvements - grand designs

Image: Ledbury Studio 

From cutlery to pan, drawers offer one of the most useful forms of kitchen storage. However, traditionally, they’re not as flexible in meeting design with function as standard cupboards which can contain many shelves within a single cupboard door. The modern kitchen however can use multiple drawers inside a single drawer front, ensuring the outside remains sleek and unfussy, while the inside is adapted to your specific needs, and only sacrificing a minimal amount of storage space in the process.

Cabinet door storage

blue kitchen cabinetry with storage inside - home improvements - grand designs

Image: Day True 

Adding variety to your storage will help you use it smartly. For example, sacrificing a small amount of shelf width in a standard cupboard can mean you can opt for these door mounted racks, perfect for storing smaller items and spices that rattle around on a shelf and are hard to organise otherwise. A worthy trade off.

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Clever corners

corner pantry in traditional kitchen - grand designs

Image: Masterclass kitchens 

Corners can be tricky to work around in a kitchen to make the most of storage. Swinging, pull out shelving is an option, but often leads to food or kitchenwares being lost to the back of the cupboard. This corner pantry from Masterclass is a clever, full functional way to make use of a corner space.