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Kitchen remodelling ideas that add value

A new kitchen can boost the value of your house, but it's important to get it right

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Wondering how to add value to your home? Remodelling your kitchen is the perfect place to start. Often the most used room in the home, the kitchen is a multifunctional hub where families and friends gather to cook, catch up, relax or entertain. Depending on how well it has been designed, a new kitchen could add 5-10% to the value of your home. It could even make or break a sale. But when budgeting, don’t overspend relative to the market value of the house. Here, the experts at Masterclass Kitchens share kitchen remodelling ideas that add value.

Future-proof colours and materials

When thinking about the resale value of your home, remember that a bold colour scheme won’t necessarily suit everyone. Kitchen trends come and go, but remodelling using neutral colours such as grey and white offers potential buyers a blank canvas that can be personalised with kitchen accessories and furniture. Consider upgrading work surfaces, too. Quartz and granite are extremely sturdy and are easy to clean. Alternatively, affordable laminate worktops are durable and scratch-resistant, though do keep hot items off the surface.

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Upgrade appliances

Rundown cookers, dishwashers and washing machines aren’t great to live with and won’t impress a buyer. Replacing them with energy-efficient appliances is not only better for the planet, but will help reduce your bills and entice potential buyers. Fashionable upgrades such as instant boiling water taps and self-cleaning ovens are also a worthwhile investment. They’ll stand out during house viewings and make your life easier in the meantime.

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Up the storage

Storage is one of the most important elements of the kitchen, especially for busy families who know you can never have too much. When considering kitchen remodelling ideas, incorporating efficient and attractive storage features will certainly add value to your home. For large family homes a pantry or larder unit will provide ample storage space. Corner pantries and slim pull-out larders might make for a more suitable addition to small houses and apartments.

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Invest in lighting

Often overlooked, lighting is a beautiful, cost-effective way to add value to your home. The ambience created by adding just a dash of statement lighting when working through your kitchen remodelling ideas will certainly make your space stand out from the crowd. What’s more, lighting will highlight the beauty of the storage and design features you’ve invested in and illuminate work areas.

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Practical kitchen islands

Invest in a carefully designed island for your kitchen remodel and it will not only look good, it’ll make life easier, too. In a multifunctional space an island serves as a casual dining spot and provides space for children to sit while parents cook or wash up. Stacked with cabinets, drawers, wine storage and perhaps a microwave, these units are multitaskers, though do think about size – a huge feature packed into a small kitchen is far less desirable than a kitchen with no island.

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