modern kitchen in a period home with timber beams

How to design a kitchen for a period home

Balance original features with contemporary design for a kitchen scheme in harmony with its unique setting

By Hayley Gilbert | 10 August 2020

Modern living demands a kitchen that works on a practical level and is beautiful to look at. So how does this work in terms of introducing new cabinets, state-of-the-art appliances and innovative worksurfaces into a space that’s bursting with heritage and history?

new kitchen in old property with beams and double-height vaulted ceilings

A bespoke design weaves around original features of this barn project by Communion Architects

Restore or replace?

Replacing original architectural details in your room with modern equivalents is an option, but it is preferable to preserve or enhance them, as this will add value to your property.

However, this is likely to cost more. So with any period home renovation or alteration it makes good sense to add a contingency of at least 20 per cent of your budget, to cover any unforeseen issues.

pantry kitchen - how to design a kitchen for a period home - home improvements -

With its Victorian scullery feel, this kitchen by The Main Company is in tune with its surroundings

Know your limitations

Making significant design changes may be limited by whether your property is a listed building or in a conservation area, as this status will involve restrictions on the alterations you can make. When necessary, always obtain listed building consent before undertaking any work.