Why bespoke German-designed kitchens are perfect for home renovations

German kitchens are renowned for their precise finish and high quality – they’re now available in the UK at competitive prices through Kutchenhaus

By Jennifer Turner | 27 August 2020

Bespoke made-to-order kitchens with German precision.


modern kitchen with island and crittall style window

Image: Kutchenhaus

Whether you’re planning a new home or renovating your current on, it’s now possible to have a German-designed kitchen at a competitive price.

Take a closer look at the bespoke approach…

The kitchen you want

modern white kitchen with mood lighting

Image: Kutchenhaus

Planning a kitchen using an off-the-peg approach can be a frustrating thing. Cabinets of set sizes that just don’t work for your space, lost corner room and a feeling that you’re trying to get your kitchen to fit the flat pack stuff you’ve just bought, not the other way round. Which is why the bespoke approach is increasingly popular.

By going bespoke, you get a kitchen that is painstakingly designed to maximise the space you have, and that meets your stated needs. By working with a designer and a company, you end up with a kitchen that works for you and your family, with flexibility and practicality at heart.