Energy-efficient kitchen appliances
energy-efficient kitchen appliances

10 energy-efficient kitchen appliances

Hi-tech solutions to help keep energy use to a minimum

By Paula Woods |

With energy prices on the up, it pays to choose the most energy-efficient kitchen appliances you can afford. A product’s energy rating indicates how efficient it is. Most are on a scale from A to G, with A bring the best. Ovens are rated from A+++ to G, and hobs aren’t rated at all. These cutting-edge solutions have been designed to run without wasting electricity.

1. Recycled steel oven

Some manufacturers strive for energy efficiency and use recycled materials such as stainless steel or even waste from fishing nets and industrial thread. This A-rated Beko BBRIE22300XP Aeroperfect Recyclednet electric, fan-assisted oven from AO is made from recycled steel.

Beko Oven Kitchen Appliances

Beko BBRIE 22300XP Aeroperfect Recyclednet oven

2. Smart washing machine

Washing machines are one of most expensive types of appliance to run. But eco modes, which may take longer than standard cycles, wash at a lower water temperature to save energy while still cleaning effectively. This A-rated Gentlepower H8 W946WB 9kg-capacity washing machine from Hotpoint detects the size of the load and distributes the amount of detergent and water required. The inbuilt nozzle sprays the washing rather than soaking it, saving around 65% in energy and 59% in water.

Hotpoint GentlePower Kitchen Appliances

Hotpoint Gentlepower H8 W946WB washing machine

3. Self-cleaning steam oven

Steam ovens cook food faster and at a lower temperature than conventional cooking methods, making them an energy-efficient and healthy option. This A-rated Bora X-Bo Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-compatible steam oven has an automatic extractor that prevents steam and smell escaping into the kitchen, and can even clean itself.

Bora-x-Bo-Steam-Oven Kitchen appliances

Bora X-Bo steam oven

4. A-rated dishwashers

Dishwashers can be costly to run, so it pays to look for more energy-efficient kitchen appliances in this category. Both Bosch and Miele offer A-rated models that automatically adjust the wash cycle to to match the load, for the best results at the lowest cost. This Miele A-rated G 7460SCVI dishwasher can be run via an app.

Miele-G-7460-SCVI-Dishwasher Kitchen Appliance

Miele G 7460 SCVI dishwasher

5. Plant-powered Aga

Hydrogenised vegetable oil (HVO) is a 100% renewable, carbon-neutral fuel that’s an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based, oil-fired ranges. Suppliers include Birlem Oil and Beasley Fuels. This HVO-ready Rayburn Heatranger from Aga offers hot water, heating and radiant heat cooking with two cast-iron ovens.


HVO-ready Rayburn Heatranger from Aga

6. Auto-adjusting extractor

An extractor that works in tandem with a Wi-Fi hob automatically adjusts its speed depending on the amount of steam produced and switches off when the hob is no longer in use. This A-rated Air Wall glass downdraft extractor panel with smart connection between hood and hob is available in two sizes from Falmec.

Falmec-Air-Wall-Extractor Kitchen Appliances

Falmec Air Wall downdraft extractor panel

7. No-frost freezer

As with all appliances, choose the smallest, highest-rated fridge-freezer to meet your needs while limiting your energy use. Those with climate-control technology are designed to keep foods fresh for longer to reduce wastage. This A-rated CBNsda 5753 Biofresh Nofrost fridge-freezer from Liebherr delivers long-term freshness for your food.

Biofrost-Liebherr-Fridge Kitchen Appliances

Liebherr CBNsda 5753 Biofresh Nofrost fridge-freezer

8. Induction hob

Consider making the switch to an induction hob when shopping for energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Induction hobs transfer heat directly to the pan rather than the hob’s surface, which wastes very little energy and cooks food or boils water quickly. This Smeg Area induction hob has space for up to six pans.


Smeg Area induction hob

9. Fast preheat mode

Fan-assisted ovens circulate hot air to cook food faster and at lower temperatures. Models with a fast preheat mode reach the right temperature quickly, keeping the power demand down. This A-rated Sense C2902SS stainless-steel oven from Caple has a 96 litre capacity and is fan assisted.


Caple Sense C29002SS stainless steel oven

10. Auto-adjusting appliances

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected appliances can be easily controlled remotely from a smart device. The latest technology also means they can automatically select the most economical and energy-efficient programmes and timings required. This A+ rated I-Touch Series 6 oven with app connectivity from Haier also has a VentilAction System, which means the outside remains cool to the touch while temperature soars inside.


Haier Touch Series 6 oven with app connectivity