Discover the health benefits of a quiet washing machine

Noisy laundry appliances can adversely impact on your work, mood and concentration

By Jennifer Turner | 22 February 2021

Boost your wellbeing and work output with a quiet washing machine. With the home becoming an all-in-one venue for work, school, relaxation and exercise, a quiet washing machine that doesn’t distract or disrupt has become essential to our work output and health. Quiet Mark take a closer look…

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White washing machine with grey walls

Image: Miele WER 865 WPS PWash & TDos 9kg Washing Machine

The new need for tranquillity

With the recent lockdowns bringing about a new way of living, the nation is spending more time than ever at home. Houses have become offices, schools, and sanctuaries, all of which function at their best in a calm, tranquil environment. But a noise-free background, conducive to work or quality downtime, is far from possible when a washing machine has a lengthy wash programme ending in an 80-decibel spin cycle as loud as busy city traffic.

interior of kitchen with black units green walls and LG Turbowash 360 F6V1009WTSE 9kg washing machine

Image: LG Turbowash 360 F6V1009WTSE 9kg Washing Machine

Noise can drown out your wellbeing

While your washer-dryer whirrs away in the kitchen from dawn till dusk, have you ever considered how sound affects your quality of life? Studies show that background noise adversely impacts on stress levels, mood and concentration, ultimately damaging work output by up to 66%. In fact, World Health Organisation research shows that environmental noise affects mental and physical health to such a degree that it is now second only to air pollution in terms of being detrimental to health.