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Diamik Glass launches ecorok sustainable surfaces made from recycled glass

Glass that would have gone to landfill is repurposed into kitchen surfaces

By David Ludlow |

Glass that enters landfill takes around 4,000 years to break down. That’s a shocking statistic regarding how long glass will stay in the ground, but it also demonstrates how hardy the material is. It’s this hardwearing propery that makes glass such an attractive option for recycling, such as with Diamik Glass’ ecorok material.

Diamik Glass sources glass that would have otherwise gone to landfill, from within a 10-mile radius of its headquarters in Leeds. Collected glass is then crushed down, sized and sorted. Ecorok surfaces are created from the material, using specially adapted solvent-free resins, to create solid sheets.

Comprised of 85% recycled glass, ecorok products are hardwearing, sustainable and, most importantly, stylish and luxury surfaces for kitchens.

A big benefit of the system is that it’s handmade, allowing for custom colours, and delivering a bespoke finish that perfectly suits any kitchen. And, as each piece is commissioned and then hand made, there’s virtually no waste, as each product is built to a specific order.

ecorok - neutral samples (1)

Michael Pickup, MD of Diamik Glass, said, “I’m thrilled to be bringing the 2023 ecorok range to the market. Since launching our business just four years ago, we’ve worked on both commercial and domestic projects and have received huge praise from customers for the quality, durability and aesthetic of our sustainable surfaces.

“We’re looking forward to working with more partners and fabricators to bring ecorok to an even wider customer base, and we are excited for what the future holds!”

With more people aware of the environmental impact they have, there’s a growing demand for eco-friendly kitchen worktops.