How pocket doors can create space

Pocket doors simply glide out of view, saving space and extending vistas throughout your home

Promotional Feature By Caroline Rodrigues | 26 January 2022

Open up to the idea of pocket door systems to reap the benefits of these cool sliders. They make a great alternative to hinged doors, whether you’re building a new house or embarking on a smaller renovation project.

Sliding discreetly out of view when opened, they free up space, providing a neat, uncluttered solution. From glazed double doors between living spaces to single solid doors into a cloakroom or en-suite, Eclisse Sliding Pocket Door Systems can help achieve a serene spacious feel.

how pocket door systems can create more space in your home

Photo: Eclisse

The benefits of pocket door systems

Unlike hinged doors, pocket doors don’t swing open into a room or corridor, so you’ll have more freedom to move around your home and fewer restrictions on where you place furniture.

As any architect or designer will tell you, circulation space – the way we move around our homes – is an essential part of planning. Pocket door systems aid that ease of movement, useful for everyone and particularly valid if anyone in your family uses a wheelchair.

how pocket door systems work

Photo: Eclisse

Double or single?

With double pocket doors you can divide an open-plan living space in dramatic fashion, closing off one part for a cosier feel or as a quiet space for homework or music practice.

Pocket doors can also successfully close off a kitchen that runs along one wall of a living space. A single pocket door is a plus in tight spaces, like a downstairs WC, dressing room or en-suite shower room off a bedroom.

What are my options?

At Eclisse there’s a wide choice of styles to choose from, including wood, tempered glass, single and double configurations, telescopic doors where one slides behind another, and fire doors. Even curved doors are possible.

pocket door systems are built into the cavity between stud walls and run on steel runners

Photo: Eclisse