Maximalist decor
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More is more in home decor

With maximalist decor, the only limit is your imagination

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Looking for individual ways to refresh a room or complete a grand build project? Maximalist decor lends a home a totally unique look – translating themes from nature and exotic locations onto wallcoverings, fabrics and bedlinen in bold colours. And don’t shy away from rich textures and opulent accessories – more is more when it comes to maximalism.

What is maximalist decor?

‘The maximalist decor trend is all about embracing excess and adding things that you love to your space,’ says Avalana Simpson, designer and founder of Avalana Design. ‘Think large doses of colour, exuberant patterns and plenty of nods to places and experiences that inspire you. It’s all about escapism.’ Be transported to East Asia, explore nature and introduce biophilic blooms to your home via Avalana Design’s stunning interior collections.

Trends and themes

Maximalist decor from Avalana Design takes natural habitats around the world then reflects the exquisite details found within them. Each design tells its own story; prints and patterns draw inspiration from a blend of travels, folklore and nature. Often reproduced in cinematic scale, the designs create an effortless sense of joy and wonderment with a modern twist. You can use them to transform everything from living space to dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

maximalist kitchen

Bodacious Blooms mural in noir from Avalana

Finding your style

While more is more, the Avalana Design collection lets you carefully curate your scheme with a focal point, whether it’s a jungle scene at sunset or a dark and moody lily pond with wading herons. You can add as much or as little maximalist decor to your room as feels right for you. Choose full wall or ceiling murals, £65 per m, wallpaper, £205 per roll, or a wall decal, from £115, for bold, brave living areas. Luxurious bedding for an inviting sanctuary costs from £125, and curtains from £185. Then ramp up the theme with accessories. Cushions cost from £70 and art prints from £35.

maximalist bathroom

Madagascar mural in teal from Avalana

Making it personal

Whether a striking mural, unique wallpaper or luxurious textile, each Avalana design starts life as a sketch. This is then lovingly hand-painted in the studio before being printed onto premium fabrics and papers. If you have a specific space in mind, the designs can be custom made to suit. They can be amended to colour match schemes precisely. The scale and positioning can be altered so the design elements aren’t lost behind furniture and fixtures. You can even merge several designs for a bespoke maximalist decor effect.

maximalist bedroom

Lake Santharia wall mural in gold from Avalana

Expert advice

If you have ideas but need an expert to bring things to life for you, Avalana offers a bespoke interior design service. This includes an initial consultation, mood boards and conceptual floor plans brought to life with 2D finalised designs.

maximalist decor - grey and gold cushions featuring oriental prints

Midnight Orient cushions from Avalana

More about Avalana

Founded by textile designer Avalana Simpson who has designed for high street brands, the maximalist decor brand Avalana Design was launched in 2018. Avalana’s goal was to bring her vision for luxurious home interiors direct to home owners, interior designers and other professionals. Avalana’s unmistakable designs were given nationwide exposure when they were featured on BBC One’s Interior Design Masters.