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10 best selling rugs presents the most popular interior rug options

By Jason Podesta |

Rugs can play a role in enhancing the aesthetics and comfort of a home. These versatile floor coverings are not just decorative; they serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. A good rug can provide warmth and insulation, making rooms cosier and more inviting. They can also reduce noise levels by absorbing sound, contributing to a more peaceful living environment.

Rugs can be key design elements, offering a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures to complement interior décor. They define spaces, adding character and zoning seating or dining areas. They can also protect and extend the life of your flooring, whether hardwood, tile, or carpet.

The following designs are proving popular on the search-and-discovery website for furnishings and furniture, which showcases products from more than 110 retailers all on one website.

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1. Super soft luxury cream, Kukoon

Whether your style is modern, classic, or eclectic, the Aspen Shaggy Cream White Rug seamlessly fits into many design schemes, enhancing the overall ambiance of your space.

Its neutral hue creates a soothing atmosphere, making it great for bedrooms or living areas. It has a 45mm pile height and Hessian backing. £19.95 from

Super soft luxury cream by Kukoon

2. Mid Century Geo Wool Rug, Habitat

This geometric rug is a modern take on Mid Century. Curves meet lines in this bold Bauhaus-style print. Soft cream blends with jet back to create a contemporary monochrome style that suit the living or dining room.

It is backed with anti-slip so it is great for the hallway too. The hand-tufted blend of New Zealand and Indian wool is plush underfoot. £250 from

Mid Century Geo Wool Rug by Habitat

3. Pebble wool rug, Dunelm

The stunning Pebble rug features a unique texture that creates an interesting 3D appearance for your floor.

This beautiful rug has been designed by skilled craftsmen to provide instant warmth to any living space and can even improve sound insulation for a quieter room. Available in five different colours. £165 from

Pebble wool rug by Dunelm

4. Jaque Checkered Slate Green Rug, Ruggable

The Jaque Checkered Slate Green rug brings washability to a classic checkerboard design, mixing soft spruce green squares with a neutral pearl background.

Made from water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine-washable low-pile Classic material. These classic rugs are woven from a velvety smooth chenille yarn. £359 from

best selling rugs

Jaque Checkered Slate Green Rug by Ruggable

5. Super Soft Abstract Boho, Kukoon

Kukoon introduce their heaviest shaggy range to date. It combines super soft heavy weight yarn for extra comfort with a contemporary take on Moroccan motifs and styling.

Unusually for a shaggy rug, it combines Kukoon’s best-selling abstract distressed designs from our shorter pile ranges and translated them to a longer pile. Combinations of navy, mustard, duck egg and pink make this a bold and colourful rug choice. £44.95 from

Super Soft Abstract Boho by Kukoon

6. Fleur Margaritte Jade rug, Ruggable

Go prim and pretty with Ruggable’s Fleur Margaritte Jade Rug. Featuring a scattering of daisies in soft hues of teal and green on a light cream background, this green floral rug will make you feel like you’re walking on a bed of flowers.

It is fully washable and also available in ‘Amari’ colouring. £249 from

best selling rugs

Fleur Margaritte Jade rug by Ruggable

7. Boho Multi Coloured Rug, Choice furniture Superstore

Choice Furniture Superstore’s exciting and extensive Boho range consists of five on trend designs, all of which take inspiration from the Moroccan Beni Ourain style.

The Boho range is available in a large selection of colours meaning that there are over 25 different options available. £87 from

Boho Multi Coloured Rug by Choice furniture Superstore

8. Ava Spotted Fringed Berber-style, La Redoute

A playful modern twist on a time-honoured classic, this is a delicately spotted rug from the Ava range.

Inspired by traditional Berber textiles, its neutral colour palette has an understated graphic style. The rug has fringed edging and is easy to care for. £60 from

best selling rugs

Ava Spotted Fringed Berber-style by La Redoute

9. Indulgence Round Shaggy Rug, Dunelm

The Indulgence Shaggy Circle Rug has a cosy foot-sinking feeling. Created using a combination of lustrous yarns for the ultimate luxurious look. The Shaggy Indulgence Circle Rug is soft-touch with minimal shedding, ideal for low-maintenance households.

The Indulgence Circle rug looks best in bedrooms and living rooms. £59 from

Indulgence Round Shaggy Rug by Dunelm

10. Native Home Striped Jute Runner, Olivia’s

Olivia’s jute rugs are made from all natural materials. Its muted scheme makes it easy to place in a home. It’s striped detail is created using wool making the rug hardwearing and sustainable.

The Native is 90% jute and 10% wool. £60 from

best selling rugs

Native Home Striped Jute Runner by Olivia’s