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A room painted in bright colours

Farrow & Ball Carte Blanche leads the way with bright environmentally friendly paints

Inspired by Farrow & Ball's latest Carte Blanche range, we’ve found the best brightly coloured environmentally-friendly and sustainable paints

By Mary Richards |

The days when environmentally friendly paints came in only the most muted, neutral shades have long gone. Today, you can make the sustainable choice – and still live your best, most colourful life with the Farrow & Ball Carte Blanche collection leading the way with bright environmentally friendly paints.

Perfectly timed for the current trend towards colourful, maximal interiors, the Carte Blanche range, offers super vibrant, contemporary colours (as pictured below),  and also includes a stunning range of graphic wallpapers that complement the paint colours. All of Farrow & Ball’s paints are water-based and are classed as Trace VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which is the lowest rating possible.

Room painted in bright colours

The new shades are brighter and bolder than we might expect from the Dorset-based prestige paint company. The range is the product of a collaboration with young American fashion designer Christopher John Rogers, celebrated for his use of electric colours, jewel tones and bold stripes. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, @christopherjohnrogers launched his first collection in 2018 at the age of just 24. US Vice President Kamala Harris wore one of his outfits at her inauguration. The delicious paints he has created for Farrow & Ball are inspired by food, with names such as Hog Plum, Romesco, Raw Tomatillo and Lobster.

Other bright choices

Other companies are also pushing the envelope with sustainable bright paints. Victory Paints’ gorgeous Olenka Design range includes shades such as Bubble Gum and Hyacinth Bucket, which are as bright as they sound. Their paints are virtually free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) too.

Also low in VOCs and high in environmental credibility is Eicó, paint made in Sweden and Iceland. The colour range is more muted, but there are some pops of bright colour on their colour chart.

Earthborn Paints also have some vibrant shades in their range. Plus, their breathable paints are suitable for lime wash, render, cob and clay walls.

Our deep dive on environmentally friendly paints gives lots more info about what to look out for when making sustainable interior decor choices.