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Refresh your laundry routine with a steam care washing machine

Discover how you can save time and energy with a steam care washing machine

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If you’re updating or replacing your washing machine, discover why a steam care washing machine and dryer are an efficient choice for your family – and the environment…

Refresh laundry quickly

With modern life busier than ever, it makes sense to choose efficient, time-saving appliances that free us up to spend more time doing the things we really enjoy. When it comes to streamlining your laundry routine, it’s worth considering Fisher & Paykel’s premium steam care washing machine.

Featuring a clever Steam Refresh programme, lightly worn or creased clothes can be clean, smoothed and ready to wear in just 20 minutes. Perfect for reviving lacklustre soft furnishings or musty garments that have been stored, the Steam Refresh cycle deodorises fabrics and reduces creases without the need for a full wash – saving time, water and energy. Great news for your wallet and for the environment.

contemporary interior of black floor to ceiling cupboards housing white Fisher Paykel washing machine and Heat Pump Dryer

Image: Fisher Paykel

Respect the environment

And with sustainability at the forefront of homeowners’ buying choices, Fisher & Paykel has ensured that its steam care washing machines include the latest eco technology. For example, the unique ActiveIntelligence feature determines the load size and soil level before dispensing the correct amount of detergent. In addition, it also adjusts the wash time for over 1,200 possible wash combinations. This results in less waste, less hassle and less detergent residue, with the added convenience of not needing to fill the dispenser for every wash.

Plus, as well as super-quick and eco programmes, Fisher & Paykel steam care washing machines feature 26 cycles to match every type of fabric, including denim, sheets, towels, sneakers and soft toys.

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Complement your decor

If you’re choosing a state-of-the-art washing machine or dryer, you’ll expect the controls to be intuitive too. Fisher & Paykel has designed a user-friendly LCD interface with simple icons that include the programme names so that you can quickly select the right cycle for your load.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that Fisher & Paykel’s steam care laundry appliances have received a Quiet Mark award, thanks to their low decibel level, which is ideal for apartments, open plan living spaces, or for video or conference calls.

contemporary interior of white kitchen cabinets wooden worktop and white Fisher Paykel washing machine

Image: Fisher Paykel

Whether your laundry zone is located in a dedicated room or in the heart of your living area, Fisher & Paykel has designed a matching washing machine and Heat Pump Dryer  for a slick cohesive look to complement your home.

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