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How steam care washers and dryers are kinder to clothes and the environment

Now you can refresh and revive clothing effortlessly without costing the earth

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Discover why a steam care washing machine and dryer can save you time and help the environment…

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in work and family let alone household chores and downtime. However, investing in efficient laundry appliances can be a simple way to save precious time and lower your impact on the environment.

Fisher & Paykel’s new steam care washing machine, for instance, features a host of programmes to make light work of laundry. Perfect for busy professionals or time-poor families the Steam Refresh cycle delivers fresh, wrinkle-free clothing in 20 minutes. Whether you need to instantly revive a dress, or smooth lacklustre soft furnishings, the Steam Refresh function deodorises fabrics and relaxes creases without the need for a full wash – saving time, water and energy. Great news for your wallet and for the environment.

contemporary interior featuring white kitchen cabinets wooden worktop and matching white Fisher Paykel washing machine and Heat Pump Dryer 1

Photo: Fisher & Paykel

Opt for eco

With the environment a key consideration for homeowners, Fisher & Paykel has put the latest eco technology at the centre of its new steam care washing machine to ensure it is eco friendly. One such feature is the unique ActiveIntelligence function which cleverly detects the load size and soil level of the garments in order to dispense the exact amount of detergent, meaning less waste, less detergent residue and less hassle as you don’t need to fill the dispenser with every wash. Another advantage of ActiveIntelligence is that it adjusts the wash time for over 1,200 wash combinations

Plus, as well as super-quick and eco programmes, Fisher & Paykel steam care washing machines feature 26 cycles to match every type of fabric, including denim, sheets, towels, sneakers and soft toys.

White Fisher Paykel washing machine and Heat Pump Dryer in a contemporary black interior

Photo: Fisher & Paykel

Keep it sleek

With the rise of open-plan living it’s essential the latest appliances boast a streamlined aesthetic to blend seamlessly with a pared-back contemporary décor. Fisher & Paykel’s steam care washing machine and heat pump dryer are no exception. Featuring a matching minimalist design the two appliances can be installed next to each other to offer a slick cohesive look to complement your home.

Controls are discreet and intuitive, too, thanks to a user-friendly LCD interface that includes easy-to-read icons so you can instantly select the right cycle for your load.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that Fisher & Paykel’s low-decibel steam care laundry appliances have received a Quiet Mark award – ideal for apartments, open-plan spaces, or when making video or conference calls.

turning on a Fisher Paykel steam care washing machine

Photo: Fisher & Paykel

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