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Where to shop for luxury household appliances and white goods

Discover a range of design classics that challenge the expected

Promotional Feature By Jennifer Turner |

Your home deserves better than average appliances. Step out of the ordinary with an innovative range of design-led products that marry function and form beautifully…

Image: AEG

Push your kitchen boundaries

Most appliances we buy live in the heart of the home where we do many of our tasks and chores, from cooking to cleaning and everything in between. Unattractive and inefficient appliances can make these jobs unpleasant, especially when they have built-in design glitches that mean everyday tasks become an inconvenience. It’s time to think out of the box.

AEG take a unique approach to its kitchen range, excelling in innovation that pushes the boundaries of appliance design. Their approach has won them numerous awards, including several prestigious RedDot Product Design awards, with the Matt Black Kitchen Collection being just one of four products that won in 2021.

With its stylish matte glass fascia, this collection delivers drop-dead gorgeous looks with stain-resistance and anti-fingerprint properties, making it a joy to look at as well as to use.

Image: AEG

Making life easier

It’s the finishing touches that you’ll find across the AEG range, which have been intelligently designed to reflect how we use our homes. The QX6, QX7 and QX8 cordless vacuum cleaners, for example, combine easy-grip handles with low weight distribution to make control simple. Another RedDot winner, the slim frame and Axial cyclonic technology work in tandem to ensure fabulous suction as well as comfortable cleaning.

red cordless vacuum cleaner stood upright in kitchen.

Image: AEG

Getting the details right

AEG’s approach throughout is to focus on the details that make products work better, to make your life easier – it means never having to settle for just ‘good enough’, when you can have something that will excel. AEG’s ‘Challenge the Expected’ vision exists to redefine what you expect out of your household appliances, such as a wireless temperature probe that communicates directly with the hob to deliver perfect core results, a dishwasher with a lower basket that lifts to your level, and a washing machine that automatically doses the right amount of detergent for the size of the load.

woman squatting on washing machine next to modern chair

Image: AEG

Visit AEG’s website to discover more about the innovations that make their products a joy to use, with results to match.

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