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Get the latest decorative wiring accessories in a range of colours and finishes

Promotional Feature By Caroline Rodrigues |

Decorating your home goes further than picking the right paint colour or decorative wallpaper. Finding the right decorative wiring accessories, including innovative switches and sockets in the latest colours and finishes, can create a truly bespoke and stylish finish.

Decorative wiring accessories

Don’t spoil a sleek decor scheme with standard switches and sockets. Instead, considering these details at the design stage of your self-build or renovation project.

The Evolve range of decorative wiring accessories from BG Electrical has been designed with a slim, screwless profile in a wide variety of modern colours and finishes to set off any room or style. The main colour options are matt blue, black chrome, matt black, polished copper, satin brass and matt grey, all paired with black inserts, as well as pearlescent white and brushed steel with white inserts. Evolve features the latest technology in fast-charging, dimming and wireless connectivity.

screwless switch and socket with fast usb charging in rose gold

Rose gold USB socket from BG Electrical

Colour-matched switches

While the main range comprises the eight finishes outlined above, Evolve switches and sockets can be colour-matched to complement any design for commercial applications and projects. For residential applications, the faceplates are easily removable, which opens up options to replace them in the future as new colours become available.

screwless light switch in rose gold with touch-control

Screwless switch in rose gold from BG Electrical

Innovative dimmer switches

As well as delivering high-quality functionality to enhance LED lights, Evolve dimmer switches allow you to create the perfect lighting mood in your home. Electronic touch or traditional push dimmers are both available with trailing edge technology, eliminating any noise or flicker.

modern home with matt black decorative wiring accessories, grey walls and wooden floors

Black, slim-profile plug socket with fast-charging USB socket from BG Electrical

Fast-charging sockets

In addition, BG Electrical has included their market-leading fast-charge USB-C and USB-A sockets, with their most powerful 30W socket delivering a 50% charge to the latest phones in 30 minutes, and 60 minutes for tablets: ‘That’s 70% faster than standard 5W charging,’ says David Cleaver, Product Director at BG Electrical. ‘Charge anxiety is now a thing of the past.’

woman hoovering in a modern home with navy walls

Slim-profile navy plug socket from BG Electrical

Wi-fi extenders

With the move towards home and mobile working, you don’t want to be caught with a flagging signal. Wi-fi extenders from BG Electrical can extend the reach, not just throughout the home and commercial premises, but to outdoor living spaces or garden offices, without the need for bulky plug-in boosters.

Rose gold smart dimmer switch with black knobs on a black wall

Rose gold innovative dimmer switch from BG Electrical

Easy installation

Although Evolve switches and sockets are new on the outside, the same trusted and reliable technology found in all BG wiring accessories is employed internally, so contractors can expect the same level of quality and reliability they’re used to. Evolve includes key features to ensure installing switches and sockets is as quick and easy as possible, including colour coded, in-line terminals and captive screws. In addition, the base of the unit can be installed first, making it ideal for contractors who wish to carry out the preliminary wiring, then apply the covers after decorating.

Screwless light switch in black on a black wall

Screwless light switch in black from BG Electrical

Find out more

For more information on the new Evolve range of decorative wiring accessories, please visit bg-evolve.uk or call 01952 238 100