Modern internal doors: a buyer's guide

Modern internal doors: a buyer’s guide

Choose from these innovative design ideas to find the right style to suit your space and project

By Beth Murton |

Modern internal doors play a pivotal role in enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of interior spaces. Beyond their basic function of providing privacy and separating rooms, these doors contribute to the overall design theme.

With sleek finishes, innovative materials, and unique designs, they complement contemporary architectural styles. They also integrate smart technologies, offering convenience through automated opening and locking mechanisms.

By balancing form and function, these doors elevate interior design and promote energy efficiency and adapt to evolving lifestyles.

1. Slide away

Made from a galvanised steel frame, this double pocket door has no jambs or architrave, which allows for a seamless plaster finish around the door opening.

The innovative set-up can also be used with your own choice of door, giving you much greater design freedom in the finished look. Syntesis Line double pocket door system from Eclisse.

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Photo: Eclisse

2. Metal frame

A great solution if you’re looking to give your interior a contemporary industrial feel, the doors can also be incorporated into a screen or room divider for wider openings.

The slimline profile of Crittall steel windows makes them ideal for dividing a space without taking away natural light, such as in this extensive refurbishment project at the Lyceum Theatre by Crittall.

Photo: Crittall

3. Pivot style

For unusual-sized openings or where you want to make a big visual impact, a bespoke design is the best solution. This smart pivot door can be made in any size up to H320xW150cm and is available in a range of wood finishes (fumed oak, oak, cedar and iroko) as well as a textured bronze finish or any RAL colour.

The innovative handle locks into the floor at the twist of a key or thumbturn for added security. RAW internal doorset in American black walnut with an oiled finish from Urban Front.

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Photo: Urban Front

4. Contemporary timber

If you’re opting for a ready-made door, look out for ranges that offer a variety of options based on the same style to give you a wider choice of matching looks.

This modern design is available as a solid version, a partially glazed option and as a fire-rated door. Monza internal door in engineered timber and oak, from £255 for H198.1x W76.2cm or H198.1xW83.8cm, Modern Doors.

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Photo: Modern Doors

5. Space saver

Pocket systems are the ideal way to maximise space in smaller rooms such as en suites, as instead of the door swinging open into the room it simply slides away into a specially designed frame concealed within the stud wall.

Bespoke 8300 door in smoked oak veneer from Todd Doors.

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Photo: Todd Doors

6. Room divider

An easy way to turn an open-plan space into separate rooms when required, these glazed doors operate on a discreet channel recessed in the ceiling for a seamless look.

Bespoke oak bi-fold doors and glazed single fire door are part of an extensive renovation project by Prewett Bizley Architects.

Buyers guide to modern internal doors6

Photo: Prewett Bizley Architects

7. Hidden addition

This design blends into the background thanks to detailed decorative panels on each side, replicating the kitchen cabinets on one face and the fluted detail of the feature wall in the hallway on the other.

Bespoke door with a black lacquer finish from Cochrane Design.

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Photo: Cochrane Design