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Keep your home healthy with a ventilation kit

Why MVHR can be vital for your house

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Planning a new home or upgrading what you already have? Ventilation is an often overlooked aspect that can turn a problem house into a healthy one…

top down view of house showing where a ventilation system could be installed

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Drawbacks of stale air

As we’re surrounded by air, we often don’t think about how it gets into our homes – and what happens to it once it’s there. You may not even realise it’s an issue but if you’re living in a modern home – or about to build one – then chances are you’re planning an energy-efficient, airtight dwelling that will help to cut emissions and bills. And that’s where fresh air can be a problem.

Without open windows and doors through which to circulate, the air in your home becomes moist, leading to condensation, mould spores, more CO2 and less oxygen. Stale, fetid air is a vector for illness, and leaving doors and windows open negates the work you’ve put into making your home efficient. It’s a catch 22.

diagram showing how a heat recovery ventilation system works

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A breath of fresh air

Old-fashioned extractor fans aren’t ideal for the heavy lifting of removing stale air from your home – they tend to be noisy and underpowered. Instead, consider a MVHR system – Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery – which can do the job in homes of any size.

These home kits take the moist, old air from your house and turn it into new, fresh and healthy air that is then pumped around to exactly where you want it. Not only that, it transfers the heat from the stale air to the new, a much more environmentally friendly solution than just opening doors and windows to clear condensation and fetid air.

a home ventilation kit

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Clear the air

You can talk to your architect or designer about how the system would work best for you – Blauberg’s home kits can be fitted in a variety of configurations and sizes from small to large. What you’ll notice is how quiet it is compared to old-fashioned extractors, but the other benefits can really boost your family’s wellbeing. All of the kits come with allergy and pollution filters – asthmatics and those who suffer from hayfever can rejoice – while they also form part of a modern smart home system, with control by iPad or smartphone.

hand holding smartphone with app in front of ventilation unit

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To discover more about home ventilation kits and their benefits for your house and family, get in touch with Blauberg.