How to design for optimal acoustic comfort

Reduce noise at home with Quiet Mark-certified appliances and building materials

By Staff writer | 12 May 2022

Designing for optimal acoustic comfort requires a dual-combination of reducing unwanted noise from appliances, like boilers and washing machines, and fitting acoustic improving building materials, such as acoustic plaster systems for walls and ceilings, and glazing and door solutions.

Quiet Mark, the international approval certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation, has certified over 1,200 of the quietest appliances and materials by over 90 leading manufactures, each listed on

In addition to its partnerships with leading retailers, including John Lewis & Partners, Argos, Currys and Very, Quiet Mark recently announced a new partnership with NBS, a leading construction data and specification platform, to empower architects and interior designers to specify ‘acoustics first’ design. The aim is to elevate the aural design of buildings, optimising the overall level of acoustic comfort for occupants.

In partnership with Quiet Mark

Acoustic ceilings

For BASWA, the Swiss pioneers of seamless acoustic ceilings, good acoustics are essential to wellbeing – just like natural light.

BASWA Phon is the original and world’s most specified acoustic plaster system. The new BASWA Natural acoustic ceiling system replaces the recycled glass fibre panels used in BASWA Phon with sustainable, organically grown plant fibres.

Now with Quiet Mark certification, BASWA Natural provides high performance acoustics with sustainable materials and a high quality marble plaster finish to blend with any décor.

seamless acoustic comfort ceiling in a large white dining room with large windows

BASWA is the Swiss pioneer of seamless acoustic ceilings. Photo: Benjamin Brolet

Acoustic lighting

Let your mind travel to uninterrupted places far away. BuzziSpace’s noise-reducing pendant light helps take care of that, balancing sound for improved focus and concentration.

The aerodynamic design offers sound-absorbing capabilities, delivering acoustic comfort paired with a warm ambient light. BuzziProp LED is specifically designed to absorb high-frequency sounds such as ringtones and chatty colleagues or housemates.

With its wide diameter, the cylindrical design traps sound waves to bounce back-and-forth within its circular body, decreasing noise and optimising acoustic comfort. With its high density of acoustic material, BuzziSpace’s BuzziProp Acoustic Pendant Lighting works on the whole audible spectrum, from low to mid and high tones.

noise absorbing acoustic pendant lighting reduces noise in the office

BuzziSpace’s BuzziProp Acoustic Pendant Lighting. Photo: Siobhan Doran

Glazing and door solutions

Internorm is the go-to brand for all your bespoke glazing and door solutions. It is the leading window brand in Europe, offering premium, low-energy and Passivhaus window and door systems for self-build and renovation projects – all manufactured in its hi-tech facilities in Austria. The award-winning triple-glazed products are made to specification and offer superior acoustic, energy and security performance.

Available in a choice of designs and colours, Internorm’s premium uPVC and uPVC-Aluminium range has excellent thermal performance, with U-values below 0.8W/m2K, and sound reduction of up to 47dB. The popular Timber-Aluminium range comes in a choice of options, making it ideal for both traditional and contemporary projects. It also has strong environmental credentials and outstanding energy performance.

The innovative I-Core composite construction provides additional strength and durability, allowing lift-and-slide doors to be available up to an incredible 11m in width, without losing performance.

Additional features unique to Internorm include I-tec Glazing technology, where the glass unit is bonded into the sash, providing a continuous connection between the glazing and frame. It improves stability, thermal insulation and soundproofing, offering burglary protection and greater durability for the unit’s lifespan.

A low-energy and Passivhaus designed with acoustic comfort in mind

Internorm offers low-energy and Passivhaus window and door systems

Quiet cooling

Keeping groceries cool not only ensures freshness and longevity, it also makes a substantial contribution to avoiding food waste. With a Quiet Mark-certified Liebherr appliance, this is possible, thanks to the perfect combination of integrated freshness technologies.

The Liebherr ICBNdi 5183 Peak BioFresh NoFrost Integrable Fridge Freezer recently received the world-renowned 2021 iF Design Award. Over 98-members made the selection from almost 10,000 entries submitted from 52 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality, craftsmanship and contribution to acoustic comfort.

The innovative fridge can hold nine bags of shopping at once, and the freezer three. It also comes with some special tech that’ll stop ice building up inside – no more defrosting by hand. Hidden behind the panels of a built-in kitchen, a Liebherr is inconspicuous and lets the design of the kitchen take the spotlight. And because the doors let you choose which way they open, it’ll look great wherever you put it.

fridge freezer designed for acoustic comfort

Liebherr ICBNdi 5183 Peak BioFresh NoFrost Integrable Fridge Freezer