Wood burning stove in living room with cream sofa

Guarantee a warm welcome with a wood burning stove

Chosen and positioned wisely, a stove provides a focal point in a room

Promotional Feature By Andrew Emery | 30 August 2021

Practical and beautiful, a wood burning stove is a great way to add warmth and cosiness to your home. The latest styles have the versatility to work in any kind of house, whether traditional or modern…

lounge in dark grey shades with sofa table and modern wood burning stove in corner

Photo: Contura

Comfort in warmth

Wood burning stoves are a perennially popular way to add heat to a house, but they do so much more than that. Chosen and positioned wisely, a stove provides a focal point in a room, a place of respite and relaxation. Thanks to leaps forward in technology and design, they also look incredible.

There’s never been a richer choice of stoves providing natural flames and cheering your house up. From traditional cast iron stoves that never fall out of fashion to inserts that add drama to a wall without sacrificing space. So, which type should you go for?

woman cleaning in kitchen wood burning stove and logs in foreground

Photo: Contura

Read the room

One of the key considerations when selecting a wood burning stove is the size of the room. Too high an output in a small room can be stifling. Too low an output in a large room can be inefficient and ineffective. You want to hit the sweet spot of cosiness.

The first thing to do is get expert advice. Whether you’re retrofitting a stove or baking one into your new home plans, speak to a professional HETAS registered engineer to find out what size you’ll need and how to ensure it has adequate ventilation and room around it. Swedish stove experts Contura have a range that runs the gamut looks-wise from classic to fresh, with various heat outputs and profiles, meaning there’s a stove for every kind of home.

Modern lounge area with lit wood burning stove, sofa chair and dark painted walls

Photo: Contura

Join the cosy club

Building on their concept of ‘cosyology’, Contura have designed their range to deliver that feeling of wellbeing and comfort that a great stove can provide. Choose from wood burning stoves with generous glass areas, others with handy integral log boxes.

Masonry stoves offer a large degree of flexibility – you can choose to have the flames visible from one, two or three sides, increasing the dramatic effect of your stove. Various stones further add to your options. Fireplace inserts are another popular modern choice, slotting into a builder’s opening or incorporating into your own design.

lounge area with seats plants rug and inset stove

Photo: Contura

Whether you want to go bold or blend your wood burning stove in with your decor, rest assured that the Swedish design at the heart of Contura’s products ensures a cosy feel for all.