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Strada Hybrid radiator

8 low H2O radiators compatible with heat pumps

We choose eight of the best low H2O radiators that work with heat pumps

By Mary Richards |

If you’re thinking of getting a heat pump, there’s a strong chance you might need to replace your radiators at the same time (or install underfloor heating). This is because the water in heating systems heated by heat pumps doesn’t get as hot as the water in traditional gas boiler systems does.

Flow temperature

What is known as the flow temperature from a gas boiler is about 65-80°C (a high flow temperature). Meanwhile a heat-pump system operates at about 40-50°C (a low flow temperature), but still heats the space just as well. This is one of the reasons that heat pumps are efficient and can have running costs inline with a gas boiler.

This does, however, often mean that radiators that were large enough to heat a room with a high flow system might not be up to the job with a low flow system, so you may need replace your radiators with ones compatible with a heat pump. Before you do, it’s worth talking to a heating engineer first, although you can see if your home is ready for a heat pump yourself.

Low H2O rads

Another choice now available instead of putting in new super-sized rads is opting for the new purpose-made low-flow radiators specially designed to work with heat pumps. These low H2O radiators contain less water and have a heat exchanger inside that allows for more effective heat convection than traditional steel radiators.

Linea Plus Wall Mounted radiator

Image credit: The Radiator Centre

Low energy

The exchangers are made from aluminium and copper, which conduct heat fast warming your room more efficiently, and the radiators also heat up faster. The low H2O radiators react quickly too. They cool much faster when you turn them down, which makes for a more responsive system. The radiators often also have a fan-assist setting, which helps push heat out into the room.

Safe choice

Many of these energy efficient radiators are low surface temperature radiators, which means they don’t get dangerously hot to the touch. This makes them great for places like children’s bedrooms where safety is a priority. Here are eight low H2O radiators from The Radiator Centre that work with heat pumps. If you’re not sure where to start, this Heat Calculator might be a good place to get a rough idea of what size/output radiators you will need to heat your rooms.

1) Linea Plus wall mounted, from £166

The Linea Plus was the first of its kind; a slim-line radiator with perforated grille and high heat outputs that has stood the test of time. Available in five heights, three depths and multiple lengths, to fit into almost any space.

Linea Plus Wall Mounted radiator

Image credit: The Radiator Centre

2) Linea Plus freestanding, from £239

Similar to the model above, this is the Floor mounted version of the Linea Plus, which gives you a few more options of where to place it, as you don’t need a wall to attach the radiator to. As pictured above, the example is situated in front of a floor-to-ceiling window.

Linea Plus Freestanding radiator

Image credit: The Radiator Centre

3) Strada from £183

The Strada is a discreet slim-line unit with flat front and stylish aluminium grille. Twin and even fan-assisted versions can generate up to three times the normal heat for tricky to heat areas.

Strada radiator

Image credit: The Radiator Centre

4) Mini wall from £211

The Mini Wall comes in a range of different sizes and generates a lot of heat for its compact size. The smallest model is only 8cm high, while the largest can achieve 5000W with the addition of the fan-assisted unit. Available in over 30 different colours.

Mini Wall radiator

Image credit: The Radiator Centre

5) Mini fixed feet from £211

Great for spaces with large windows, the Mini fixed feet also starts from 8cm high (not including feet) and churns out almost 5000 watts in its largest iterations. Available in four heights, four depths and lengths up to 2.6 meters. Feet are available in three fixed sizes and as an adjustable option for uneven floors.

Mini Fixed Feet radiator

Image credit: The Radiator Centre

6) Strada hybrid from £564

The Strada is a fan assisted wall-mounted radiator with a boost mode that gives an instant 25% power boost for those times when you need to warm the room up quickly.

Strada Hybrid radiator

Image credit: The Radiator Centre

7) Play radiator from £1,230

Aimed at children’s rooms and other situations where a low surface temperature is important, the Play is available in five different colours.

Play Radiator

Image credit: The Radiator Company

8) Soho from £893

The designer choice: Soho features recyclable aluminium profiles joined together by a patented combination and locking system, allow for superior heat output values. Comes in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Soho radiator

Image credit: The Radiator Centre