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Designer radiator in grey with flat panels

Turn up the heat with designer radiators

Efficient, practical radiators double up as an eye-catching design addition to your home

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Gone are the days when a radiator was seen as simply a way to heat your home. Over the last few years the vast range of styles and finishes available means you can opt for more contemporary radiators that can be a design feature in themselves, as well as an efficient choice for home heating.

Where to start?

Before heading straight out to buy radiators, bear in mind that you’ll need your heating engineer or plumber to specify the size and output required. The heat output, measured in BTU (British Thermal Units) must be tailored to the room if you’re just replacing a radiator. But for larger projects such as extensions and new-builds, the heating has to be balanced against tricky calculations for the insulation values (such as heat loss through walls, windows and so on). This ensures the boiler will operate at maximum efficiency. As well as a huge range of standard central heating radiators at Radiator Outlet, you’ll also find all-electric radiators.

Contemporary radiator in black against a grey/green wall with tropical plant next to it

Contemporary radiator in black from Radiator Outlet

Horizontal or vertical radiators?

Things have moved on from the dull rectangular panel radiators once common to every home. Now radiators come in tall slim versions designed to make an impression on the wall rather than being hidden behind furniture. These contemporary vertical radiators take up less floor space, and are a great way to upgrade an existing radiator in your home. On the long wall of an open-plan space, it’s worth considering a low, wide radiator. Hugging the skirting board, these radiators are a discreet addition.

modern home with slate grey decor and house plants

Choose from horizontal or vertical designer radiators at Radiator Outlet

Design detailing

If you have a contemporary home with sleek décor to match, the type of radiator and the colour you choose could enhance the design. Contemporary radiators at Radiator Outlet come in single and double versions, with flat or gently-rounded oval fins. They’re available in black, white and anthracite grey. Some even incorporate a mirror panel, ideal for a bathroom, bedroom or hallway.

dark grey radiator with oval fins and chrome valves against a pale grey wall with wall art

You can also choose between flat or oval fins at Radiator Outlet

Traditional radiators

For period homes or barn conversions, a replica Victorian radiator will set the tone beautifully, adding to the ambiance. Made from steel rather than cast iron, today’s models are lighter and have all the benefits of a modern system. At Radiator Outlet there’s a great selection of traditional column radiators in double and triple versions that tie-in with the vintage aesthetic, especially when paired with antique-style valves.

white oval tube radiator against a grey wall with leather sofa and house plants

Oval tube radiators provide a balance between contemporary and traditional

Made for you

If you are looking for a one-off bespoke contemporary radiator for your home, My Dream Radiator by Radiator Outlet opens up the possibilities. Working together with the creative team, you can choose a totally unique custom radiator colour, whether in a soft pastel or bolder shade.

choose a unique custom colour with radiator outlet's bespoke service

The My Dream Radiator service allows you to choose a unique custom colour

Find out more

Radiator Outlet, the home of affordable radiators, is the go-to choice for plumbers, interior designers and home owners throughout the UK. Since the radiators are manufactured in-house there’s always a large stock, avoiding delays when ordering. And they come with a hassle-free 10-year warranty for peace of mind. Visit or call 0845 860 5908 for warm, reliable radiators delivered to your doorstep super fast.