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At Hartsmede they create timeless masterpieces, handmade by global artisans in sustainable materials. They offer hand crafted accent furniture, tableware and home décor range highlighting exquisite designs and stunning craftsmanship. They focus on sustainable, eco-friendly materials and specialist wood turning techniques to improve functionality and durability.

Hartsmede invites you to explore their collection, immerse yourself in the world of handmade craftmanship, and discover the beauty that lies within each carefully created piece. They believe that the connection between the artisan, the materials, and the end results is what truly sets their handcrafted goods apart. Join them in their mission to celebrate the enduring artistry of handmade creations and make a conscious choice to embrace the extraordinary.

Their product range includes:

• Accent tables

• Tableware

• Decor

• Lighting

• Cutlery