Kevin McCloud’s top eco friendly Green Heroes for 2019

Kevin McCloud reveals his top 7 Green Heroes at Grand Designs Live 2019 for an eco-friendly home.

By Gemma Parkes | 9 May 2019

The TV presenter and designer reveals his favourite eco-friendly brands and products promoting sustainable living ahead of Grand Designs Live Birmingham.

spruce needle wall panel by eoacoustic

Image: Eoacoustic

Inspired by his passion for state-of-the-art eco-friendly product design and green building products, Kevin McCloud’s ‘Green Heroes’ will return to Grand Designs Live at the NEC Birmingham from 9th – 13th October 2019.

Each brand and product has been selected and hand-picked by Kevin, showcasing the very best eco-innovations, for home builders, owners and design enthusiasts. With an array of eco friendly initiatives at this year’s exhibition, they will sit right at the heart, providing a platform for eco-conscious creators to present their latest innovative designs.

Here’s this year’s list of brands that have been carefully curated by Kevin:

Chip[s] Board

chip green heroes - Kevin Mcloud's top eco friendly Green Heroes for 2019 - Kevin Mcloud -

Image: Chips Board

Chip[s] Board materials are made using waste from industrial Food processing and agricultural industries, Parblex™ Plastics are translucent pure or fibre reinforced bioplastics with incredible surface finish and durability, making them ideal for fashion and interior design applications.

Korvaa, by Avian

headphones green heroes - Kevin Mcloud's top eco friendly green heroes for 2019 - Kevin Mcloud -

Image: Korvaa

Korvaa is applying fresh-from-the-lab findings on everyday objects as a way of highlighting the research of novel, biologically engineered materials.

The initiative brings together a mix of unique and surprising talent who all share a wish to jumpstart the development of these new, bio-based materials into future-proof, commercially viable products.

There is a global interest towards new, bio-based materials and their various applications. Earned media coverage around the initiative’s first project, a pair of Korvaa headphones, has reached a world-wide audience of over 350 million people.

Musiccloth by Rehyphen – woven material made from recycled cassette tapes

Kitchen with wooden beams and materials made from Rehyphen musiccloth, woven material made from recycled cassettes, Kevin McCloud's Green Heroes showcased at Grand Designs Live 2018

Image: Rehyphen

Tackling the issue of the obsolete nature of past technologies, Rehyphen uses the tape from cassette tapes, manipulating them into a durable and aesthetically pleasing material which can be used for a variety of items from art to fashion. This upcycling initiative aims to reduce and eliminate e-waste while giving life to a new product.

EO Acoustic – Noise-cancelling interior material based on spruce needles

 eo acoustic pine needle insulation at grand designs live 2019

Image: Red Shift Media

EO Acoustic’s panels are a natural porous material that absorbs sound reflections, regulates humidity and temperature, while creating a comfortable and healthy atmosphere.

The individuality of the material is found in the preservation of the original shape of the needles, which create a natural texture and a feeling of wood in the interior, as well as highly decorative properties.