Introducing Green Living Live

Launching at Grand Designs Live, the new show is dedicated to eco-friendly products and services

By Paisley Tedder | 20 April 2022

Grand Designs Live returns to ExCeL London this spring with a new show-within-a-show. Green Living Live is dedicated to showcasing innovative eco-friendly products and services from sustainability conscious companies.

What is Green Living Live?

Green Living Live, sponsored by myenergi, covers all aspects of the home as well as personal transport, with a focus on sustainable building materials, energy-efficient and renewable heating systems, insulation solutions, eco-conscious furnishings and electric car-charging equipment. Exhibitors include Article 25, E.ON, Tata Steel UK and more, with brand representatives sharing their expertise. A live theatre stage and advice hub will be devoted to issues surrounding sustainability.

Kevin McCloud Green Living Live Green heroes

Kevin McCloud examining a green hero initiative at Grand Designs Live. Photo: Media10

Kevin’s Green Heroes

Kevin’s Green Heroes will also form part of Green Living Live. This familiar aspect of Grand Designs Live sees TV show presenter Kevin McCloud showcase five of the most revolutionary, useful eco-friendly gadgets and products on the market. This year, he has also invited back 11 of his past Green Heroes to see where they are now, and talk about the future of our planet and their products. These include:

  • Graphenstone – lime & graphene paint
  • SpringBond – eco-engineered underlay
  • Polywood – hybrid natural fibre-reinforced polymer composite
  • Bee Saving Paper – paper providing a form of energy-rich glucose and honey plant seeds for bees
  • Elite Eco – a spray-applied waterproof membrane made of recycled rubber​
  • Inno-THeRM – thermal and acoustic insulation made from recycled denim and cotton
  • 4eco Limited – avocado seed cutlery and straws
  • ecoBirdy – sustainable 100% recycled plastic furniture
  • GumDrop Bin – recycles and processes chewing gum
  • CorkSol – sustainable spray cork insulation
  • The Great Outdoor Gym – pioneered outdoor gyms in the UK and then turned the kinetic energy generated by them into electricity