Grand Designs’ special 20th anniversary episode

To mark Grand Designs' 20th anniversary Kevin McCloud hosted a one-off special show before the new series starts. Find out more about the one-off episode.

By Jenny Mcfarlane | 15 August 2019

To mark the 20th anniversary of Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud took a look at his top 5 builds over the 20 years of filming in a one-off show, Kevin’s Grandest Design.

Kevin McCloud looking into distance in the countryside, hosting Kevin's Grandest Designs tv show set to air on August 28th 2019

Image: Boundless/Channel 4

With Grand Designs celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, a special commemorative one-off show, Kevin’s Grandest Design, aired prior to the start of the brand new series on Wednesday 28th August at 9pm on Channel 4. 

In the celebratory episode, stalwart host of Grand Designs and and our editor-at large Kevin McCloud, reveals a closely guarded secret – his top five buildings from over the years. In revisiting the buildings and the people that have inspired him most, Kevin ruminates on what makes a truly great Grand Designs project, while revelling in the brilliant architectural mix of inspiring homes.