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9 Grand Designs houses you can stay in

Fancy staying in a Grand Designs house? These self-builds are all available to book

By Hugh Metcalf | 5 August 2021

Did you know there are Grand Designs houses you can stay in? It’s one thing watching an amazing build come to life on the TV, but actually setting foot in one is another experience altogether. So why not rent one? A number of the famous TV houses are available on rental platforms such as Airbnb. Here, we’ve tracked down the best Grand Designs houses to book for a staycation…

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1. Dome House, Lake District

Located in the hills of Bowness, overlooking Lake Windermere, Dome House in the Lake District is an idyllic rural Grand Designs house to book. After completing the build in 2011, with the help of an anonymous donor, self-builder Robert and his family later decided to sell the home in 2016, to move to London. The home has since been converted into a luxury hotel.

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the exterior of the dome house at lake windermere in lake district from grand designs channel 4 series10 ep 8

Photo: Jefferson Smith

2. Peckham House, London

Back in 2005, Monty Ravenscroft and his partner Claire, built their dream home in the bustling Peckham area of London. With savvy space-saving features, a retractable roof in the main living space and a spa bath in the master suite, you can rent the entire Grand Designs house on your next London visit.

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peckham grand designs house from 2005 series

Photo: Edina Van Der Wyck

3. Dingle Dell, East Devon

Kevin McCabe’s eco Cob house in East Devon was a labour of love, which was only completed on a Revisited episode of Grand Designs. While you can’t stay in the main house, you can rent the annexe of Dingle Dell and stay in one of the most iconic Grand Designs of all time.

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the east devon cob house from grand designs is on airbnb

Photo: Mark Bolton

4. Timber Cottage, North Cornwall

Gregory Kewish and Rebecca Sturrock built this beautiful cross-laminated timber cottage on the grounds of Rebecca’s parents’ land to house their growing family. ‘We wanted a healthy home with lots of light, which captured the view across the Cornish countryside,’ said Gregory. Now you can rent the cottage to stay in this picturesque part of the country.

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Cornwall Timber Cottage from grand designs 2014 is available to book

Photo: Paul Ryan-Gof

5. The Dairy Cottage, New Forest

Located at the edge of the New Forest, this quaint dairy cottage makes for a special place to stay. After being devastated by fire in 2003, Cheryl and Alex Reay lovingly restored it to its former glory with green oak frames and expansive modern glazing to provide views over the nearby bird sanctuary.

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The dairy cottage in the new forest featured on grand designs on channel 4

Photo: Sean Myers