Grand Designs The Streets Series 3
grand designs the streets series 3 with kevin mccloud

Grand Designs: The Streets returns for Series 3

Follow the fortunes of ambitious self-builders in Bicester, Glasgow and York

By Jason Podesta |

Grand Designs: The Streets returns for Series 3 from Tuesday 16 May 2023 at 9pm on Channel 4. This time around, Kevin McCloud visits a new self- and custom-build site in York, alongside the Graven Hill site in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Co-presenter Natasha Huq joins him in returning to the Glasgow site.

The new series of Grand Designs: The Streets once again captures the ambition and determination of pioneering self-builders as they embrace the opportunity to create something extraordinary.

In York, Kevin follows the development of projects with innovative approaches to roofing – one has a roof made of plywood boxes and bolts, another has gone for a butterfly design inspired by Scunthorpe steel.

In Glasgow, the final few homes go up on the street where Ben Whitney and Joanna Susskind-Whitney built the city’s first American-style ranch home in Series 2. A small black timber-clad self-build, inspired by mountain huts, plus a remarkable timber-and-brick building designed by plucky pioneers with no previous experience, are of particular note.

Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs: The Streets Series 3

Kevin McCloud with Nicola and Gareth in Grand Designs: The Streets Series 3. Photo: Rob Crawshaw / Channel 4

In Grand Designs: The Streets Episode 1, Nicola and Gareth are the first to tackle a self-build on this landmark site in York.

With only a small budget, former schoolteacher Nicola takes on the challenge of designing and project-managing their traditional red brick build. But a lack of experience doesn’t curb her ambition – the centrepiece of her vision is a striking triangular feature window. In true Grand Designs style, however, it does not fit.

Large triangular bedroom window with small grey sofa

Nicola and Gareth’s triangular window centrepiece. Photo: Rob Crawshaw / Channel 4

Just down the road, Matt and Maryellen start work on a Brazilian-style home with flamboyant colours and a butterfly roof. But there are disagreements along the way.

Matt, a steelworker, wants to use the material he knows best, while Maryellen worries it will look too industrial. He also wants a black bathroom, but Maryellen hopes for something white and glamorous. The pace of the build, family commitments and a tiring commute add to the stress.

Self builders on Grand Designs: The Streets Series 3

Matt and Maryellen in Grand Designs: The Streets Series 3. Photo: Rob Crawshaw / Channel 4

Will the drama match up to Series 2, when John and Julia battled Covid restrictions and health issues to realise their 30-year self-build dream? Or when Jitinder had a visit from the site safety inspector while craning heavy steel beams over his neighbour’s property? Tune in to find out.

Grand Designs: The Streets Series 3 airs for seven episodes, commencing on Tuesday 16 May 2023 at 9pm on Channel 4. For behind-the-scenes updates, follow @granddesigns on Twitter, @granddesignstv on Instagram and @GrandDesigns on Facebook.

Modern bathroom with copper fixtures and fittings with herringbone floor and crittal door

Matt and Maryellen’s kitchen. Photo: Rob Crawshaw / Channel 4