david and greta's huf haus in surrey

Huf Haus pioneer David Iredale passes away

David & Greta Iredale were the first Huf Haus self-builders to appear on Grand Designs

By Victoria Purcell | 15 December 2021

Everyone remembers the 2004 Huf Haus episode of Grand Designs, when David and Greta Iredale bucked every trend to buy a German prefab house for their Surrey plot.

Sadly, David passed away recently. Huf Haus shared the sad news on their official Facebook page with a photo of David and Greta, calling him ‘a dear friend and part of the Huf Haus Family’.

david and greta iredale huf haus builders from grand designs

Greta and David Iredale. Photo: Adrian Briscoe

A tribute to David Iredale

They wrote: ‘A tribute to David Iredale. It is with great regret and deepest sadness that we share the news of David’s passing. The delightful David and Greta Iredale welcomed viewers to share the experience of building their own Huf Haus on Grand Designs, and in the process stole the nation’s heart.

‘David will always be remembered for his compassion, sense of humour, incredible artistic skills and creativity, but mostly as a dear friend and part of the Huf Haus family. Our thoughts are with Greta and David’s family.’

The first Grand Designs Huf Haus

Theirs was the first Huf Haus project featured on Grand Designs, showcasing the many benefits of the prefab method of house building. Retirees at the time of their self build, David and Greta proved that the process doesn’t always have to be riddled with construction problems, over-spending and time management issues.

The couple, who met while working at Olympia London – David as a museum and exhibitions designer, Greta in sales and administration – refused to pander to conventional middle-England taste. They met in the era of the Festival of Britain, when European modernist ideas and American products were influencing UK design. It gave the Iredales an appetite for something special in a home.

So when it came to building this project, they looked towards Germany, selecting a Huf Haus design that was precision made with little-to-no waste and huge eco-credentials. It was, at the time, a radical idea.

inside david and greta's huf haus

Inside David and Greta’s Huf Haus. Photo: Adrian Briscoe