Why your home needs custom made timber doors and windows

Boost your home’s look and security with bespoke timber doors and windows

Promotional Feature By Jennifer Turner | 5 March 2021

It doesn’t matter if you’re making home improvements or building a new house – doors and windows are an absolutely key component. With so many alternatives available, why should you consider traditional timber?

large detached house with porch behind bush

Photo: CTW Trade

The beauty of wood

The main reason many homeowners and builders still choose timber doors and windows is for aesthetic reasons. Timber components can look better than the alternatives, whilst being sturdy, traditional and beautiful too.

The timber tells its own story, and traditional door and windows styles made from wood work brilliantly both in period houses and modern homes that want to exude style.

three storey home painted blue with white bay windows

Photo: CTW Trade

Timeless timber

A timber door or window is only as good as the manufacturer, however. Custom Timber Doors specialise in making bespoke, hand finished doors for the UK market, using modern technology to deliver a result that is fit for all kinds of houses.

Their range covers styles ranging from Georgian to Edwardian, contemporary to art deco influences. But they don’t sit in a warehouse gathering dust – these are all made to order, to your unique specifications, ensuring you get a product that works perfectly with your home design.