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Set the scene with steel framed glazing

Divide and conquer space with iconic steel framed doors, windows and glass partitions

Promotional Feature By Caroline Rodrigues |

There’s no doubt that glazing can make or break a home design – all the more reason to set a style that stands out from the crowd. Deco Steel windows, doors and glass partitions, just launched by Propak Architectural Glazing, offer steel framed glazing solutions with slimline bars that will add appeal to any renovation, conversion or new-build home.

Steel framed glazing used internally as glass partitions in compact new york-style apartment

Photo: Deco Steel

Internal glazing

Ask anyone about the most memorable features of a house and glazing will top the list. When planning a project, you might start with the windows then move on to consider glazed bi-fold, double or single doors. Just as important though, is the use of internal glazing. This makes it possible to create rooms within rooms.

‘Glazed sliding doors and fixed partitions, especially if used in combination, allow for an open-plan yet beautifully divided space, where you can see freely throughout your home yet close off areas for privacy,’ says Lloyd Bennett, Managing Director of Deco Steel.

Photo: Deco Steel

Bespoke glazing solutions

Since Deco Steel glazed doors, windows and glass partitions are made to order they can be configured to suit almost any application; with integrated thermal breaks, fanlights and side screens. Colour plays an important role in any design, and Deco Steel glazing and glass partitions include popular Blackened Steel (polished), Gun Metal Grain, and Bronze Aged Patina, among others.

Alternatively, there are powder coated RAL finishes for exterior and interior use. You can also add cachet to your doors by specifying from a large range of handles, including levers, D pull handles and flush pull handles. Options for windows include espagnolette, cockspur, tilt and turn handles, plus fittings for sashes and fasteners for casements.

Photo: Deco Steel

Why choose steel framed glazing?

The industrial yet Art Deco feel of steel framed glazing and glass partitions comes from steel’s super slim sightlines. Available in large spans with slimline profiles, steel windows and doors will bring in the maximum amount of light available.

An advantage of steel’s strength is that large glazing areas can be included without the need for structural support. Built completely bespoke to fit any space, Deco Steel frames have a sturdiness that far outweighs aluminium. They will never bow or distort from weight, heat or force.

Steel framed glass pivot doors leading from open-plan kitchen-diner to patio terrace

Photo: Deco Steel

Steel framed glazing expertise

Propak Architectural Glazing has over 40 years’ experience and has worked on some of London’s most prominent buildings including numerous projects for the Crown Estate and the multi-million-pound renovation of Coal Drops Yard in King’s Cross. Using its skilled team of dedicated designers, fabricators and installers, the family business manufactures all of its products in-house from its Hertfordshire base, with bespoke designs on request. The company has long been a favourite of architects and interior designers.

Find out more

If you are designing, renovating, specifying or just looking to change your doors, you are welcome to see and experience Deco Steel at its showroom or on a factory visit. To book an appointment to discuss your steel framed glazing needs and request free samples, visit or call 0203 4175857. You can also meet the team at Grand Designs Live in 2023.