How frameless rooflights can maximise your home’s natural light

Rooflights are the perfect way to brighten your home with natural light. We take a look at a range of stylish rooflights for design-led homes

By Jennifer Turner | 23 December 2020

To create a bright and airy home, try contemporary, slim-line and made-to-measure rooflights.


open plan sitting and dining room with grey sofa patio doors and rooflights

Image: The Rooflight Company 

Roof lights for an extension, renovation or self build project are a major investment that really contribute to the overall quality of your finished home. 

Not sure how to go about shopping for rooflights? Here are some top tips…

Don’t cut corners

When it comes to finishing your ideal home, some might seek alternatives to an architect’s specification in order to engineer a bit of space in the budget. This can prove a costly mistake in the long run, especially when it comes to rooflights.

The right rooflight can drastically impact both the interior and exterior look of your home and – don’t forget –  you’ll be looking out of them for decades to come. It might be tempting to save a few pounds as you reach the final stages of your project, but it’s the final details that elevate the space you’ve created from adequate to amazing. Don’t compromise on the WOW factor.

Regardless of whether your own personal Grand Design is a post-modern new build or an ambitious renovation of a period property, there’s no reason to compromise on the finish because, well, it’s for you, and you know the difference between premium quality and budget alternatives.

corner of room with traditional wooden beams and rooflights

Image: The Rooflight Company 

Why go premium?

Rooflights have such an enormous impact on the overall look of your project from both outside and in, but it’s not just about the look. If you scrimp on your options you’ll be left to choose between a nice looking frame that sucks all the heat out of your house, impacting your bills and the environment, or something that performs well but has ugly, bulky frames that leave your interiors looking messy and the exterior of your property unsightly.

The premium alternative is a rooflight that is both high-performance and ultra-sleek in terms of design, the kind of products specifiers will always want to include in their projects. That’s why The Rooflight Company and its range of elegant, high-spec rooflights remain the discerning choice for architects and savvy homeowners alike.