Bifold doors or sliding doors: which is right for my project?

Whether to choose bifold doors or sliding doors is one of the most common queries when choosing glazing for a home renovation or self-build.

By Intern | 22 May 2020

Large glazed doors are a desirable feature in many modern properties. If you’re unsure whether to opt for bifold or sliding doors, discover the benefits each will bring to your home.


3 Kloeber Aluminium Bifolds in modern kitchen - grand designs

Image: Aluminium bifolds, Kloeber

Glazed doors such as bifold or sliding doors are one of the most desired features in any self-build or renovation project. A way to maximise natural light and to connect with the outdoors, they will create the wow-factor in your home. Choosing between the two comes down to personal preference and what will work with your project, both practically and aesthetically.


Kloeber Aluminium Bifolds in contemporary kitchen with exposed roof gables - grand designs

Image: Aluminium bifolds, Kloeber 

If you want to bring the outside inside then bifold doors may be the answer. Folding sliding doors are formed of multiple, hinged panels that slide and concertina together, stacking at one or at both sides. They are popular due to their ability to open up to 90% of the aperture, so are perfect for smaller openings.

With a variety of configurations to choose from, you can even add a single access door to your design so you can go in and out of the house without having to fold the panels, ideal for those with pets and young children. Bifolds can open inwards or you can choose to open outwards if interior space is tight.

If you want to extend your room beyond the doors, try to attain a level threshold with a similar flooring inside and out as this will help create a cohesive living space with a seamless connection to your garden creating extra space for dining and entertaining.

Popular material choices for bifold doors are timber or aluminium. Engineered timber is strong, durable with great insulating values and can be painted or stained whilst aluminium offers a contemporary, hard-wearing maintenance-free finish.

Sliding doors

15 Aluminium KustomSlide Mono in light dining room - grand designs

Image: Aluminium KustomSlide Mono doors, Kloeber

If it’s all about the view then a sliding door might be the best choice for you. Sliding doors open up by sliding the panels to one or both sides with the panes fitting behind each other on two, three or four tracks.

Sliding doors work well with larger apertures but unlike bifold doors, you can’t fully open up your home as there will always be a fixed panel so the maximum opening will be around 75%. However, when closed, those wider panes of glass allow you to take advantage of unadulterated views of your garden as your view isn’t impaired by the frame lines when shut.

Aluminium is the popular choice for those preferring slim-line frames and sleek, minimal styling but you can also purchase alu-clad sliding doors if a warmer internal aesthetic is preferred. With huge expanses of glass on offer, you need to consider the type of glass used. A south facing home would benefit from solar control glass and for a north facing home, low iron glass would help increase solar gain.