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Decking with design flexibility

Smart composite decking is a great option for maximum enjoyment with minimum upkeep

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However large or small, a decked area dials up garden appeal, and composite decking is a great option for maximum enjoyment with minimum upkeep. Whether it’s a patio upgrade project or part of the landscaping for your Grand Designs self-build home, decking always pays style dividends.

Decking design

Before launching into your new decking project, take a moment to consider the look and materials that would work best. How about a Scandi-inspired terrace, a comfortable English country garden or an urban cool vibe? Realising your design in real timber isn’t the only solution, since man-made composite decking can faithfully copy all sorts of wood and grain patterns.

grey composite decking with rattan garden furniture in a contemporary style

Brushed Basalt Enhanced Grain decking from Millboard

What is composite decking?

Composite decking is a made up ​in various recipes, often including wood fibres, plastics and bonding agents. ​Dense and strong, these boards ​require less maintenance than natural wood decking and looks more authentic than ​PVC alternatives.

Each length of composite decking from Millboard – a revolutionary product made of Polyurethane resin, reinforced with mineral stone, and surfaced with a unique Lastane coating – is hand moulded, taking an original piece of timber with all its inherent markings as the starting point for an exceptional organic wood-grain appearance. Options include Golden Oak, Antique Oak, and Limed Oak. For an individual look, there’s also Burnt Cedar and even a Brushed Basalt effect.

Practical benefits

Not only does composite decking have the look of natural timber, man-made boards can also out-perform it in several ways. The solid boards are strong yet light, relying on a unique closed ‘cellular’ internal structure and, unlike timber, there is no protein content to assist algal growth within the boards. Plus, they don’t need sanding, painting, staining or oiling.

wellies in the garden: hardwearing composite decking is ideal for busy family life

Golden Oak Enhanced Grain decking from Millboard

Spatial awareness

Once you’ve outlined the best position for your decking, either right by the back door so you can step straight onto it or in the sunniest spot of the garden, it’s time to get creative. Does the design need to be a rectangular or are there options for curves?

Is a change in level possible, where the addition of steps would add interest, and could you include beds for planting around the edges? Millboard has all the components to personalise your outdoor space.

Finishing touches

Now the main areas of the decking have been planned, you can turn your attention to the finishing touches. Edging profiles and fascia boards come in all of Millboard’s composite decking colours to match the rest of your space. Used to complete seating or planters they will add a distinctive finishing touch and round off the design neatly. The wide profile provides the perfect space to insert under-lip lighting along steps or edges.

composite decking design ideas: a planter is the perfect finishing touch for your patio decking

Limed Oak Enhanced Grain decking from Millboard

Easy care

Spending less time on decking maintenance means there’s more time to bask in the sun. Millboard decking is finished in a unique Lastane layer, which is more resistant to scratches and stains compared to harder or more porous alternatives and is designed to withstand the outdoor environment. It is also resistant to algae, mould and fungi growth within the boards and has excellent slip-resistant properties.

Find out more

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