Add wow-factor texture to your project with fine concrete


With its unique strength and ability to be moulded into a limitless choice of patterns, fine concrete is fast becoming the go-to material for adding a contemporary textured finish inside and outside the home.

Illuminated close up of textured wall panel with vertical grooves made of Ultra High Performance concrete

Image: CubeX Industries

The future of concrete

Whether you’re building a dream home, adding a wow-factor extension or landscaping your garden, the quality of finish is integral to the success of your project. When it comes to contemporary design, architects, interior designers and homeowners are increasingly turning to Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) to breathe life into their designs.

Offering limitless textures, patterns, motifs and even 3D shapes, UHPC can be moulded into a range of beautiful products from feature walls to cladding, countertops, landscaping and living walls.

Developed in Britain by CubeX Industries, their UHPC is a next generation free flowing, low shrinking formula that far exceeds the strength of traditional cement based materials and can therefore be thinner and lighter and used in a variety of ways. For example, it is both a durable and safe solution for walls and cladding as it’s fire retardant with a high wear resistance to water, extremes of temperature and corrosion. It is also a cost effective alternative to brick, stone or wood requiring no maintenance or painting.

workman in overalls and facemask

Image: CubeX Industries

Unlimited possibilities

Fine concrete can be formed into almost any texture, offering infinite designs for surfaces. Moulded with’s textured elastic formliners, CubeX Industries’ next generation concrete mimics traditional building materials such as wood, plaster, brick and masonry while retaining the robust benefits of a concrete facade.

Bespoke formliners can be also be created to give your project a unique spin. Increasingly, interior designers, architects and landscape gardeners are flexing customised effects including graphic patterns and natural motifs such as grooves, geo prints, bamboo and terrazzo to make a structure stand out or blend into the environment.

Textured Ultra High Performance concrete wall panel

Image: CubeX Industries

The art of concrete

With such a versatile, mouldable material, CubeX Industries doesn’t stop at building. Passionate about mastering the art of concrete, its UK based team also produce a range of UHPC contemporary homeware available from their online shop.

Fusing industrial techniques with traditional artisan craftsmanship, every item has an individual texture and colour making for a beautifully imperfect and highly personal piece of décor.

Vertical grooves textured Ultra High Performance Concrete wall with windows 1 copy

Image: CubeX Industries

Based in the UK, CubeX Industries creates Ultra High Performance Concrete using locally sourced raw materials – blending, testing, manufacturing and installing to ensure the best possible results. When it comes to sustainability, the highly efficient nature of fine concrete means waste can be kept to a minimum with any excess transformed into homeware or jewellery.

To find out more about CubeX Industries’ fine concrete, visit, and

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