Built-in bathtubs

5 stylish bathrooms with built-in tubs

Built-in tubs can be a more functional choice which can also deliver style

By Hugh Metcalf |

Freestanding tubs may be the trendy choice for your bathroom, but these design ideas showcase that panelled, built-in bathtubs can be equally as show stopping.

On a practical day-to-day level, built-in styles offer greater functionality when you need to bathe children or pets and they’re easier to clean, but there are benefits to your project and build too.

They often use space more efficiently as they sit flush to the wall; they’re not as heavy as some freestanding tubs which may require reinforcement of the floor; and they’re generally less expensive, which may be a big reason to choose one if you’re looking to make savings.

Small space design

In this relatively compact bathroom, panelling the bath in the same marble tiles as the walls and floors reduces its visual impact in the room, helping it to feel bigger. You can find out more about this bathroom renovation project in Grand Designs Magazine November 2019 issue.

west one bathroom paul craig built in bath marble tiles - granddesigns

Photo: Paul Craig for West One Bathrooms

Clean lines

Inset against a window of the same proportions, the Kaldera bath from V+A Baths creates a modern, architectural look in this bathroom. Graphic, straight lines dominate the space, including a floating vanity counter and the 3D geometric panelling.

kaldera built in bath range from V&A .- home improvements - granddesigns

Photo: Kaldera bath range, V+A Baths

Pattern and print

While a freestanding bath predominantly relies on its shape and material finish to make an impact, built-in bathtubs offer an opportunity to create a focal point on a smaller budget. By using the same bold monochrome tiles on the floor and bath panel, the designers at Day True have also created an optical illusion which makes this bathroom look larger than it is.

built-in bathtubs

Photo: Day True

Traditional charm

While the go-to bath for a traditional style scheme may be a clawfoot tub, this design from C.P. Hart employs simple classic panelling on the front so that you can enjoy all the functionality of a built-in bath without compromising on style.

built-in bathtubs

Photo: C.P. Hart

Built in forms

Built-in baths offer more scope to play with new ideas in your architecture to create something bold, fresh and unique to your home. Fixed divides in this space featuring Kaldewei’s Conoduo bath create a streamlined design that is super functional and comfortable to use.

built-in bathtubs

Photo: Kaldewei