bathroom countertop sinks for bold schemes

Bold countertop basins

Experiment with materials, colours and finishes

By Hugh Metcalf |

Countertop sinks offer an opportunity to experiment with materials, texture, shape and colour – check out the latest trends for your bathroom.

If there’s one overarching trend forming modern bathroom design, it’s a growing sense of confidence in experimenting with new materials and styles beyond traditional classics.

Countertop basins are one such style that has not only grown in popularity in design, but diversified hugely in what’s available. We’ve pulled together a list of the trending materials, shapes and finishes that are emerging, each offering a truly contemporary take on the classic white sink bowl.

bryony basin from the london basin company in bathroom - home improvements - granddesigns

Photo: Bryony basin, London Basin Company


Not only is concrete a durable material, it comes with an ‘imperfect’ beauty that can rival beautiful natural stone. What you may not know is that it’s also incredibly versatile. It can be cast in a large variety of shapes and even be mixed with coloured pigments for a truly bespoke design.

kast concrete otto basin in bathroom - home renovations - granddesigns

Photo: Otto basin in Blush, Kast

Organic forms

There’s a growing trend away from sterile, cold spaces, and towards bathrooms that are not only comfortable, but that connect back with nature. Basin trends follow suit, with organic shapes that look like they could have been formed naturally offer a softer, tactile element.

evolve countertop basin for bathroom from waters of ashbourne - home improvement - granddesigns

Photo: Evolve basin, Sanctuary Bathrooms


Where bathrooms once were made up solely from gleaming white porcelain, a growing confidence in colour means that bright, design-forward bathroom pieces have become more accessible and affordable. From tiles and taps to baths and basins, you’ll be able to find a whole spectrum of bathroom elements in a rainbow of colours.

orion countertop bathroom basin from Victoria Plum - home improvement - granddesigns

Photo: Orion basin, Victoria Plum

Statement materials

Basins now have the opportunity to be the standout statement in a space and draw focus. This terrazzo-style basin is sure to be a conversation piece whenever you have guests visiting your home.


Photo: Unik terrazzo basin, Tikamoon

Metallic finishes

Whether gold brass or platinum silver, metallic effect basins are the go-to trend to create a luxurious look. This platinum style from Victorian plumbing is a sleek, cool finish that doesn’t read as gaudy in this pared back scheme.

Arezzo-brushed-nickel bathroom countertop sinks

Photo: Arezzo brushed nickel basin by Victorian Plumbing

Deep styles

Where surface space is limited for a countertop basin, deep and oversized basins are the preferred style to create a dramatic focal point that’s more functional than shallow, narrow designs.

day true bayswater house - bathroom - home improvement - granddesigns

Photo: Bayswater house, Day True