Are you looking to modernise the entrance doors for your home?

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E-homestore offer aluminium entrance doors which are a contemporary and practical choice for homeowners seeking a combination of modern design, durability, security and functionality. These sleek and minimalist entrance doors not only enhance the visual appeal of your property but also provide robust security.

Their full range of entrance doors represent a stylish and enduring choice that combines aesthetic appeal with practicality and security. Alternatively, if you have a unique design in mind, E-homestore offer custom build entrance doors to meet your required specifications.

What makes E-homestore entrance doors different?

• All doors are aluminium or stainless steel, making them robust and very high security
• All doors are custom made to the client’s size, design and specification
• Very competitive trade prices
• E-homestore will guide you through the whole process to help you choose or create a door design

Plus, get a FREE Smart Lock handle of your choice (Worth £400)

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As technology continues to advance, smart entrance door locks represent a crucial component in modernising home security and providing peace of mind to home-owners.

Smart entrance door locks offer various entry options, providing users with flexibility, convenience, and enhanced security. These include:

• Smartphone access through an app
• Fingerprint authentication
• Face recognition authentication
• Keypad PIN entry
• Key card access
• Traditional key override