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Some of the best smart systems and all-in-ones available in the UK

By Jenny Mcfarlane | 16 July 2019

Once upon a time, keeping your home safe from intruders was a costly and messy business. Lots of clunky bits and pieces to wire in, and you’d still never know what had happened if you were on holiday.

These days, you can expect alarm systems and wireless security camera that employ the latest smart tech to turn your house into a fortress and keep you in the loop.

Best of all, peace of mind isn’t quite so expensive any more…

Samsung SmartThings

Priced very much as an entry point security system, the Samsung SmartThings home ecosystem is an affordable way to dabble with smart gadgets. The range includes a hub, motion sensors, a camera, a smart plug and more, so you can mix and match the best parts for you according to your home security needs.

Samsung smart things home security kit

Samsung SmartThings

Somfy One All in One Security Alarm System, £121.67

Where the Somfy One System excels is in compatibility and common sense. It realises that many of us have furry friends in the house, so you can configure it to avoid false alarms caused by dogs without reducing the protection it offers your home. The camera will detect intruders, photograph and video them, and trigger an alarm immediately.

Alternatively, you can trigger the alarm yourself and even let friends, family and neighbours be alerted too. Add in Alexa voice compatibility and you’ve got a contender for the crown.

Somfy one home security camera in black

Somfy One All in One Security Alarm System

Panasonic Smart Home Monitoring & Control Kit KX-HN6012EW, £190

The name might be the last word in unwieldy, but the Panasonic Smart Home Kit – let’s simplify it to that, shall we? – is itself a reasonably intuitive bundle. With easy wireless set-up, indoor camera, smart plug, home hub and two sensors, it’s quick to install with zero expertise required.

It connects with DECT wireless rather than standard Wi-Fi – much more secure – but if there’s a downside it’s the lack of equipment in the bundle. You’ll have to add more sensors and cameras to really protect any home that isn’t hovel-sized.

Yale Smart Living Home Alarm Kit, £379.95

The Yale Smart Living Home Alarm Kit puts security at the forefront. That starts with the bright yellow siren box for external mounting – the sight of which alone will probably be enough to deter most burglars – although it hits 94db for good measure if triggered.

Add in two PIR (Progressive Infra-Red) motion detectors, smart hub, key pad and door contact, and you’ve got the perfect head start on security. It’s hugely expandable, comes pre-linked so there’s no tricky pairing and can be controlled and armed via tablet and smartphone. There are no monthly monitoring fees either – putting security in your own hands.

Yale smart living home security system

Yale Smart Living Home Alarm Kit, £379.95