Prefabricated self build homes have evolved for the sustainable age. Find out how by touring one such factory for eco-production...


bath and sinks in showroom

 Image: Baufritz

Timber-framed prefabricated homes have surged in popularity. Discover how German specialists Baufritz create unique and bespoke dream homes with sustainability at their core…

Prefab evolution

The house building industry is currently undergoing an evolution with the rapid growth of factory build prefabrication. Pioneering eco house builder Baufritz is at the vanguard. CEO Oliver Rehm gives you an exclusive tour of their factory and reveals the process that delivers high-quality homes built to your specifications.

Interconnecting modules are manufactured before being shipped to site for assembly. There are clear advantages to this process - the building is erected in days, using a very sophisticated quality control process. The end result is a solid, well-engineered house. As inputs are understood, the amount of waste is minimised.

interior of factory with prefabricated units

 Image: Baufritz

Sustainability specialists

As an eco-home pioneer, Baufritz ensure that over 85% of the house comes from natural materials, primarily wood sourced from sustainable forests. Larch and spruce trees are ideally suited to housebuilding, having being used for millennia in alpine construction.

two women and a man walking through a factory

 Image: Baufritz

Baufritz also guarantee that no harmful chemicals are used during the manufacturing process, providing healthy houses to customers, as well as peace of mind. The inclusion of triple glazing and ‘HOlZ’ insulation, results in the highest energy efficiency rating, which means you’ll use waste less energy, enjoy lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

The perfect finish

The breadth of architectural design and interior selection has also evolved significantly. Clients can come to Baufritz’s sampling centre and select their finishes, while the manufacturing process provides architects with a huge range of design options. In fact, no two Baufritz houses are the same.

wooden stairs on display in showroom

 Image: Baufritz

With a factory built eco-build you get an impressive, superbly engineered house, delivered to site for a fixed price and schedule and individually tailored to your personal specifications. To discover more about timber-framed prefab homes, and how Baufritz can tailor it to your desires, visit the Baufritz website online, call then on 01223 235632, or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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