How to build your own forever home, even when presented with a challenging site. 


modern barn style architect designed house

Image: Studio 11 Architecture

Building your own home is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime project, but it can also be labyrinth of planning, building regulations, negotiating and more.

Getting an architectural practice on your side from the start is a great way to avoid many of these headaches while getting the home you desire…

Ideas into reality

With a track record of distinctive modern homes of widely varying design, Studio 11 Architecture have a reputation not just for building beautiful bespoke houses, but for customer-centric service that translate your dreams into reality.

Their aim is not just to work with you to turn your plans and hopes into a liveable home, but to make the process as smooth and pain-free as possible too. Founded by Chartered Architectural Technologist Kris Baxter back in 2008, the past decade-plus has seen Studio 11 involved in sensational projects that are the epitome of grand designs.

open plan kitchen and dining area with doors open to lawn

Image: Studio 11 Architecture

Overcoming obstacles

One of the main reasons to work with professionals when planning a self-build home is to tap into experience and expertise. While you can choose to go it alone, you’ll be surprised at the sheer number of obstacles in your way.

open plan interior of modern home with staircase and mid century furniture

Image: Studio 11 Architecture

Building regulations and planning permission are famously tricky beasts, but there’s also actual design, materials, contractors, sub-contractors, health and safety and more to contend with. It’s easy to lose control of a project and its budget without expert help. Studio 11 have a long list of clients they’ve helped negotiate the self-build minefield through high-end service.

modern design home with chimney behind garden fence and driveway

Image: Studio 11 Architecture

Utilising Paragraph 79

One issue that Studio 11 have a reputation for dealing with successfully is Paragraph 79, which covers new builds in rural areas. This is where planning permission can be gained for a new home where it would normally be refused, as long as it’s of outstanding and exceptional design. Sustainability and ecological credentials can also be a factor in whether or not permission is given.

rear view of architect designed home with gardens and people in sunken seating area

Image: Studio 11 Architecture

By collaborating with you on design, Studio 11 can help you tackle the issues with a challenging site, something that is far from straightforward on your own. For more on how Studio 11 Architecture can help you move forward with your dream home, contact them for an introductory chat and have a look at their fabulous, completed projects.

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