Whether you're self-building a new home or adding an extension, get a budget-friendly second opinion with this remote service. 


modern architect designed house set in gardens

Image: 2020 Architects

Whether you’ve drawn up plans for your new home or just want a second opinion before you add an extension, an architect’s knowhow can be vital. Discover a new service which aims to offer your peace of mind over your home design remotely.

A self-build solution

It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your self-build project, a bit of extra advice never hurts. In fact, getting a fresh look at your plans can have a profound effect. Experienced architects have the experience and knowledge to look at plans and layouts and suggest tweaks and improvements, while flagging possible issues that could cause problems down the line.

Whether you’ve drafted your own layout, had some plans drawn up or have bought a site with approved plans that don’t fit your bill, the benefits of an architect is that they can spot potential problems you might not, while suggesting other solutions.

modern red extension to white house with outdoor patio

Image: 2020 Architects

A safe second opinion

One of the challenges of the last year has been the inability to meet with professionals to do such a thing – which is why 2020 Architects has launched an innovative ‘Design Review’ service, which costs just £149.

If you have plans but haven’t started the work on your site yet – from complete builds to extensions and renovations – you can submit them remotely and have an award-winning architect review them. You’ll then have a Zoom session where they’ll walk you through their ideas, whether it’s helping with the flow of the home, cutting the costs of building, maximizing natural light and more besides.

modern design house with copper metallic effect room

Image: 2020 Architects

Experience and expertise

This simple, safe and confidential process is all about ensuring you get a design that works for you, and a review of your plans will not only assess the drawings but consider your needs too. You submit your plans in PDF format and book a convenient consultation slot. After assessing the drawings, an architect will prepare recommendations and possible improvements, ahead of your online session. At this, you’ll also have the chance to ask questions to draw on their self-build expertise.

black and grey modern design house

Image: 2020 Architects

2020 Architects have a wealth of experience and finished projects to draw from and have featured on the Grand Designs TV show. You can discover more about the design review service online or check out previous works on both their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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