Use a proven specialist for your self build project or extension using an Insulated Concrete Form construction method. 


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No matter how well prepared you think you are, the self-build process is one that thrown up issues and problems you didn’t see coming. Which is why you need a specialist on your side…

From concept to reality

You may have a strong idea of what your new home should be – and every single thing you want might well be possible. However, it’s a good idea to speak to experts early on. Not only will they be able to walk you through the process, but they’ll also have the experience to provide fresh ideas and solutions too.

Basement Homes have 15 years of expertise which they bring to bear on every project they’re involved in. Key to that is building a strong relationship with their clients, so they can understand your dream and set about turning it into reality. For them, it’s an end-to-end process – they’ll help with planning applications and, after construction, can even decorate.

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Image: Basement Homes 

Going down?

While they handle most kinds of self-builds, there’s a clue in the name – Basement Homes have extensive experience of building down, helping homeowners to really make the most of their space. If you need more room but don’t have the footprint, they specialise in a clever utilisation of what possibilities lie below.

One of the key advances they use is ICF – or Insulated Concrete Forms. This innovation has been growing in popularity, not least because it comes with numerous benefits in terms of both immediate and ongoing costs. ICF cuts heat loss and energy use consistently, and the speed of assembly compared to traditional timber homes leads to fantastic economies.

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Service you can trust

Of course, many companies make promises about their service levels and the job they’ll do for you. However, Basement Homes can back it up. At the UK Enterprise Awards 2020, they won the most considerate building company in the Midlands, which speaks volumes about the relationships they foster with customers.

Part of this relationship is to agree a price and stick to it – Basement Homes won’t sting you with hidden extras or additional costs based on the original spec.

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Image: Basement Homes 

To discover more about what they can do and what makes them so adept at basement and self builds, visit them online.

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