Have you considered walk on glass and balustrades to bright up your home? 


clear glass panels next to a weir

Image: Phoenix Glazing Services

There’s more to glazing than just windows. Architectural glazing can bring light to dark areas, provide new areas to walk and create clear barriers to enhance safety – here’s how it can change your home…

Glass with personality

There’s a reason why modern, architect-designed homes tend to have more windows than the normal house – we love light. When designing your own home, making the best use of natural light is essential, leading to a welcoming, bright space that’s less reliant on artificial light.

But that brings it own challenge, as the glass has to do more load-bearing, has to provide more barriers, and has to remain safe – that’s where bespoke architectural glazing comes in. It provides stunning features packed with personality but also performs a multitude of functions.

artificial grass with glazed floor panel next to wall

Image: Phoenix Glazing Services

Light – a trend that never ends

Fashions come and go, but light is one thing that will never go out of style. Specialists such as Phoenix Glazing Services can work with you through your entire project from design and planning to building to ensure you get light exactly where you want it.

Their in-house design team will collaborate with you, your builder or architect to create a product that meets your requirements and ticks all boxes in terms of performance. Whether it’s facades, conservatories, rooflights or partitions, you’ll have UK-manufactured glass products that let the light flood in precisely where you want it.

close up of house with glazed roof panels

Image: Phoenix Glazing Services

Walk this way

Toughened walk-on glass is an innovative and stylish way to shed light on subterranean or dark rooms that would otherwise remain in the shadows. You can add light to essential places while retaining usable floor space – it’s a statement architectural feature too. Whether it’s a panel from a flat roof or an internal mezzanine, anti-slip walk-on glass can be stunning.

You can also factor in glass balustrades with traditional posts or frameless options to minimise the visual weight of the glass. These are ideal for protecting the edges of balconies, landings, stairs, patios, ramps and more. They’ll keep your family safe without impeding the flow of light.

glazed panels in a building roof

Image: Phoenix Glazing Services

For professional advice and service, contact Phoenix Glazing Services, who will be delighted to walk you through their range of high quality products and glazing solutions.

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