Building your home with a Nudura ICF system makes for an energy efficient building. 

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Timber and brick have long been the go-to materials for building new houses, but an innovative way of constructing with concrete points the way to a greener, more sustainable future…

What is Nudura ICF?

Building with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is a proven way of creating an eco-friendly, stronger, safer building that’s highly energy efficient, needs minimal maintenance and repair and one where design possibilities are limitless.

But what is ICF? The forms consist of two stay-in-place panels of expanded polystyrene. The best engineered systems are connected with an innovative folding web which minimises wastage and offers greatest flexibility. Nudura's forms are transported flat to site, opened and stacked, reinforcement placed, propped and then filled with concrete, creating a solid monolithic concrete wall suitable for above and below ground applications.

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A track record of innovation

Switching from traditional building methods to ICF technology offers considerable benefits over both brick and block and timber frames.

Nudura’s product series contains a number of patented technologies which form a comprehensive suite of integrated systems. Nudura’s product series contains a number of patented technologies which form a comprehensive suite of integrated systems and their systems have been used throughout the UK for homes, schools and medical facilities.

Nudura offers ICF products and accessories that make the building process easier with our patented technology that can’t be found with other ICF formwork products on the market.

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Safety and sustainability

Not only can ICF’s complement fast track construction programmes, leading to huge savings in time and labour, they perform brilliantly too. The energy efficiency is incredible, leading to low U-values  - as low as 0.11 by using the Plus Series - that can help building owners to reduce energy spend by up to 70%. Better for the environment, better for your pocket. 

The Nudura structure provides a high thermal mass with extremely effective insulation for excellent performance. Due to the continuous concrete pour during construction and multiple thick layers, ICF is capable of attaining a very high level of airtightness and deliver superb acoustic performance.

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Image: Nudura

In terms of safety, ICF buildings are strongly fire, water ingress and wind resistant, while also resisting mould and fungi growth.

Whether you’re a designer, architect or home owner, get in contact with Nudura to discover more about the building, energy and cost benefits of using insulated concrete formwork.

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